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Results Repeat founder, Ellen Thompson, got into Internet marketing after graduating from Wharton and starting and selling several businesses. She's built a team that can do more than just execute a website or deliver search engine marketing services. We can help you choose the right tactics, measure results and refine your marketing mix.

Our team can work with you on single component of your marketing program, or function as your outsourced Internet marketing department.

We are business people delivering marketing services. We are focused on helping discover what strategies and tactics offer repeatable results.

People hire us because they need to supplement their marketing department, or need one built the ground up. Our marketing consultants have trained new hires and existing staff to assume marketing roles, created competitor analysis reports, and helped businesses position themselves. We work with small business owners who need access to affordable, expert help as well as larger businesses that need a outsider's perspective to lend a hand with strategic thinking, or to make their marketing budgets hit the high water mark of effectiveness. Our process is a fresh approach pays for itself. We identify and cut under-performing tactics and help you reallocate marketing assets into campaigns that work. Our toolkit includes a wide array of tactics, but  Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click management and email marketing are the most popular offerings. We listen carefully to what you say so we can customize our approach to meet your needs. However, we never flinch at telling it like it is. For example, more than one customer has come to us saying they need Google AdWords set up, and we've told them to start with SEO first. Businesses need a straight shooter they can trust. Our secret sauce? We make the biggest difference by zeroing in on what matters first.

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Here’s the experience we bring the table. Our founder is a graduate of Wharton. She has 25 years of business experience that includes founding 6 startups and selling several of them. Our team has decades of experience working on website design and marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands. We are experienced search engine marketing consultants who are passionate about online marketing. And we have developed proprietary processes that help us deliver repeatable results, responsive customer service and minimize errors.

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