Pay Per Click (PPC) Setup & Management

We help you get the biggest bang for your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising buck.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising refers to online marketing services that only charge you if someone clicks on your ad. Generally, people use this term to describe buying paid advertising on search engines like Google through AdWords or Bing and Yahoo through Microsoft’s AdCenter.
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How Do You Approach PPC Projects?

Just like our SEO service, we start by learning about your business and work together to develop a preliminary list of search terms people might use to find you. We also discuss your budget and set a cost per lead target. Next, we use online tools to develop a more comprehensive list of related keyword phrases. Finally, we set up your PPC accounts (or get added as an administrator to your existing accounts), configure them, set up appropriate Campaigns and AdGroups, populate them with ads and keywords, set initial bids, and launch your PPC campaigns.

That Sounds Easy. Why Do I Need to Hire You?

It’s easy to set up PPC campaigns, but hard to get them right, and it’s easy to make costly mistakes. We’ve seen numerous clients burn through more than our setup fees in just a few days by setting bids that are inappropriately high, choosing overly broad keywords, and forgetting to set geo-targeting. Although it’s possible to do this successfully in-house, we feel that we add value by helping you avoid major mistakes during the setup phases and by providing ongoing campaign management. We strongly advise you to hire someone who knows what they are doing to help you establish Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter campaigns at the very least. We’re Google Partners, which means our team members have passed tests and demonstrated to Google that we understand how to manage your campaigns.

Does this Guarantee We will Show Up in Search Engine Results?

Yes, provided you set a realistic budget and bids.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Setup and Management Cost?

One-time setup is available starting at $1000. The base price is sufficient for many businesses, but if you have a very complex needs, the cost will be higher. Monthly support is available from $250, which covers management of AdWords accounts with budgets up to $1500. If you have a larger budget, we encourage you to contact us for a quote.

How Do I Get Started with PPC Services?

Contact us for a free review of your website and digital presence. This will help us identify if PPC will be successful for you and also serve as a basis to evaluate the need for other marketing strategies (such as changes to your website) to be implemented prior to launching a PPC campaign. Our proposal includes a detailed analysis of your existing digital marketing and is yours to keep and use even if you don’t select us for your PPC project. There is nothing to lose.

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