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3 Indicators of Organic Search Success

September 10, 2018
3 Indicators of Organic Search Success

Whether or not you’ve been working with a search engine marketing agency, there are ways to tell if your organic search campaign is a success. Many SEO teams are hired to focus on increasing organic search success so that you’ll ultimately see an uptick in conversions (aka, leads) from your website. Here are three factors to determine what your next SEO steps might be.

  1. Are you seeing relevant organic traffic?

First, determine if you’re seeing relevant organic traffic. Ways to increase relevant organic traffic can include keyword planning, on-page optimization, addressing technical components such as site speed and page errors, improving usability and functionality of a site, improving the credibility of the site, the popularity of site through backlinks, social shares and brand mentions, competitor research, and more. Through investing time and effort into these various components that make your site a better resource, you will begin to see improvement in organic performance. You can use a keyword tracker or Google Search Console to see where your site is showing up in search engine rankings.

  1. Are you seeing interaction in the organic traffic on your site?

You want users visiting your site and interacting with some portion of it or at least spending some time on your site. Here you’ll want to look at click-through rates from organic traffic, the average duration per session on your site, the pages per visit, the bounce rate, return visits, and more. Even if your content is informative and search engines are ranking your site well, if your website design isn’t user-friendly or functional, visitors are not likely to stick around, which won’t result in leads. On the other side of the coin, you can have the most beautiful website on the internet, but if you aren’t meeting searchers’ intent and providing the information they’re seeking, they’ll just leave your site. Looking at visitors’ interaction with your site can provide insight into what steps you or your search engine marketing agency should take to increase conversions.

  1. Are you seeing organic conversions & increased business?

Simply put, you can tell if your SEO strategy is effective if you’re getting conversions and increased business, especially from your increased organic site traffic. You can and should track conversions such as mobile phone clicks, form submissions, clicks to email or contact you, or other actions on your website to gauge the results of your SEO campaign.

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