3 Indicators of Organic Search Success

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As a small or mid-size business, you want your website to hold its own against the competition. That’s why you invested your time into launching an organic (AKA unpaid) search campaign

Ultimately, you want this campaign to result in an uptick in conversions (leads) for your website. 

Unfortunately, you’re having trouble trying to figure out if your organic search campaign is successful.

While you may think that you need a marketing degree or years of search engine optimization (SEO) experience to learn the answers, that’s not the case. 

Here are three factors to determine if your organic search efforts are successful! 

Relevant Organic Traffic

Although you want to drive traffic to your website, you don’t want it to be so general. That traffic needs to be more refined. 

If your organic search campaign is driving significant  traffic to your site, you won’t enjoy conversions if your content isn’t meaningful to the majority of your audience. 

Customers searching for pool maintenance products won’t convert if they are driven to a site that sells roofing supplies. 

You want to make sure your organic search campaign relates to the products or services you offer and connects with the audience that needs your product or service. 

A few of the ways to increase relevant organic traffic include:

Keyword Planning 

Keyword planning identifies words and phrases (keywords) that are relevant to your goals. These keywords are implemented  into your search campaign to improve results. 

On-Page Optimization 

On-page optimization involves the use of  various SEO methods to improve your website’s organic rankings in search engine results. 

On-page optimization methods include:

  • Meta Descriptions – A html tag that summarizes a webpage in approximately 155-160 characters. 
  • Title Tags – A piece of html code that provides a name for each webpage
  • Quality Content – Relevant, engaging and easy-to-understand content (text, blogs, product/service descriptions. images)

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO is enhancing your website to make it more enticing to search engine spider crawls and lead to more effective indexing. 

Technical SEO Methods include:

  • Fixing Page Errors
  • Removing Duplicate Content 
  • Improving Site Speed
  • Adding a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
  • Using Redirect Codes 
  • Designing a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Site 
  • Optimizing, Resizing and Compressing Images
  • Improving Site Usability & Functionality


Backlinking is the practice of  developing your site’s credibility and improving its organic search rankings via traffic driven from links to your site that are featured on other trustworthy websites. 

Competitor Research 

Competitor research helps you identify your main competitors and analyze their SEO performance. Using the information gathered during your research, you can identify and implement new keywords, revise your content to connect with your target audience, and drive more relevant organic traffic  to your website. 

By investing your time and effort into these various methods, you’ll  make your site a better resource for your target audience and improve its organic performance. 

Organic Traffic Interaction 

Getting audiences to visit your site is important. 

Convincing them to interact with the site once they arrive is vital to conversions! 

Looking at visitors’ interaction with your site provides the insight you need to determine which steps you should take to increase conversions.

To help you determine these steps, you’ll need to review and analyze the following data:

  • Click-Through Rates – the number of users who click on a search engine result. 
  • Average Duration Per Session – Time a visitor spent on your site per session 
  • Pages Per Visit – Pages or content viewed during a visit 
  • Bounce Rate – Percentage of visitors who leave your page without taking action
  • Return Visits – Number of visitors who returned to your site after their initial visit 

In addition to reviewing the above data, you’ll also want to take a closer look at your website design. 

A poorly designed site that isn’t user-friendly or functional can have a negative impact on organic traffic interaction. 

Even if your search engine rankings are impressive and your site content is relevant, visitors will quickly leave your site if it’s difficult to navigate, slow to load, or simply looks outdated.  

So the keys to improving your organic interaction are to meet your searchers’ intent, provide relevant information they’re seeking, and direct them to a site that offers an exceptional user experience.  

Organic Conversions And Increased Business

Simply put, you can tell if your SEO strategy is effective if you’re enjoying increased  conversions and business from organic traffic. 

To help you gain additional insight into your organic search traffic and gauge the results of your SEO strategy, we recommend tracking conversions such as mobile phone clicks, form submissions, clicks to email or “Contact Us” buttons, and any other actions on your website

Get Help With Your SEO 

Now that you know how to measure your organic search success, you may be wondering if you can put those wheels in motion all by yourself. 

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by undertaking these endeavors on your own, that’s natural. 

However, help is available to you! 

By working with an experienced SEO marketing agency like Results Repeat, you’ll enjoy the benefits of organic search strategies and campaigns – without having to worry about the planning, logistics and implementation. 

Relying on an agency to handle your SEO needs, frees you up so you can dedicate your time to running your business. 

If you have questions about SEO or are in the market for a search engine marketing agency, please contact us today! 

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