3 Real Estate Branding Tips You Need to Know

With modern technology advancing every day, it’s no wonder some real estate professionals are unsure about how to effectively brand themselves and their companies. Many people are dedicating a large amount of time to online and offline networking, however they are missing out on some key real estate branding techniques that could help launch their business to the next level.

The Impact of a Company Logo

Did you know that when Carolyn Davidson, the designer of the Nike swoosh, first showed her design toNike execs they weren’t immediately blown away by it. ‘What else you got?’ they asked. Regardless of their less than stellar initial reaction, she was onto something. Now, years later, the Nike swoosh is one of the most recognizable logos around the world and the logo is synonymous with the Nike brand name.

Even though your real estate business may be far from reaching Nike status, having an excellent logo is an important way to anchor your company’s brand.

The Importance of a Website

A mobile-friendly website is also an essential part of real estate branding. Use your logo, your company colors and a consistent theme to let prospective customers know what your business is all about.

A recent article in Search Engine Journal stated that “inbound leads cost 61% lower than outbound leads.” Inbound leads to your website, including those from search engine optimization, can have a major impact on your sales. When people get to your website, you want to make sure it has easy to use navigation, updated information about your business, and looks good on any device – ranging from a laptop to a smart phone and everything in between.

Real Estate Branding Tips

Professional Photos Can Make a Difference

Finally, don’t forget about professional photos. If you have ever been on Pinterest, you know that a single image can reach thousands, if not millions, of people just by catching someone’s interest for a brief moment. Just like on Pinterest, images on marketing materials have the power to draw in your customers and get them interested in your message. Your social media pages and your website should use high quality images to maintain consistent real estate branding and a professional image.

When someone visits your website, social media pages and local directory listings, do they see a brand that has consistent messaging and a polished image?

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