4 Tips for Repurposing Your Content

September 21, 2018
4 Tips for Repurposing Your Content

When you spend significant time curating and creating engaging and relevant content, why not make the most of your investment and use it to its fullest potential? Repurposing the content that you’ve already written is a great strategy to give it new life and allow it to reach a wider audience. If you’ve got some well-performing evergreen content, there’s no reason not to repurpose it or transform it into something fresh to reshare with your audience. Here are some ways you can get new life out of the quality content that you’ve already created.

  1. Do a roundup. One of the easiest ways to repurpose content is to create a new article out of what you’ve already written. Figuring out your “best of the best” and combining them into a single “best of” roundup piece is a quick way for you to do this. Not only will you be able to get your best pieces back in the spotlight, but you’ll also technically create new content in the process!
  2. Create visuals. The general public’s attention span becomes shorter by the day. Get your content in front of new faces by turning it into visual content. Infographics, gifs, and short-clip videos catch the eye and attention of the masses. Just one piece of content can be used in a variety of visual ways, as this video from Venngage shows. You can take your best piece of content and turn it into a variety of new and engaging visuals to share.
  3. Update old posts. You may have some older posts that still perform well but could be outdated in information and tone. Updating these old posts is another way to breathe new life into existing content. Once you update the post, reshare it across your marketing platforms so that anyone who engaged with it before will get the new information and anyone who hasn’t seen it can check it out now.
  4. Turn it into a series. Do you have a well-performing blog post that offers a list of tips or just generally touches on a topic? Take that content and expand upon it. In theory, if the first piece of content was engaging and performed well, expanding upon the topic with even more specifics will, too. While this involves creating new content, it’s using content you already know people enjoy. You will provide more detail, which is beneficial in the long run both for SEO and customer engagement.

Repurposing quality content is a smart way to reach more people and engage with your audience in new ways. If you have questions about content marketing, or anything else related to digital marketing, we’re always here!

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