Apartment Marketing SEO & Multifamily Digital Marketing During the COVID Era

September 17, 2020
Search Engine Optimization SEO for Multifamily Apartment Marketing

Apartment Marketing SEO & Multifamily Digital Marketing in the COVID Era

Phrases like “Digital Marketing for Apartments” have seen a significant boost in search over the past several months. Multifamily communities are seeing a new environment of lease-ups, changeovers, and a shift in resident inquiries. Within the development of apartment rental marketing strategies, it is important to execute not only the traditional advertising techniques but to also identify new approaches to digital marketing and apartment SEO to achieve success.

Google is always working to improve its understanding of user intent when matching search queries with targeted results, no matter the topic. The most successful apartment marketing plans include ongoing research to understand what a potential renter is looking for in their next apartment rental. As a property manager or real estate investor looking to increase occupancy, it is important to know these new search trends.

  • Because of the recent need to work remotely from home, many people are looking to rent larger apartment units than in previous years. Search trends have shifted from “loft apartments for rent” or “studio apartments for rent” to “apartment with office space” and “apartments with bonus rooms near me.” Keep in mind, many people have multiple professionals and students in their homes who will need a workspace. Would they benefit from having 1 or 2 more bedrooms for those virtual conferences and telecommuting? A wise apartment SEO strategy needs to address these evolving needs.
  • In recent months, the immediate need for virtual tours sent multifamily marketing departments into a small frenzy when in-person apartment tours were put on hold. There were various definitions of “virtual” ranging from 3-D tours to a personal video chat during a walk-through tour hosted by a leasing agent. Now that multifamily communities have had some time to refine how these tours are marketed and managed, it is important to use the latest multifamily search trends and user behavior to capture your potential renters when they are searching for an apartment to rent in your area.

When incorporating your version of virtual tours, there are several points to consider:

  • Search Terms: outside of the obvious “virtual tour” terms, we have seen an uptick in search phrases like “apartment video tours,” “apartment 3d view,” “apartment 360 view,” and even “facetime apartment tour.” Do these keywords sync with your current virtual tour offerings? If so, then add them to the headings on your gallery page or even your floor plan page. Use a variation of these apartment keywords in the on-page content for more successful apartment SEO.
  • Placement of the virtual tours on your websites is important. According to studies completed by Usability.gov using eye-tracking software, users tend to look in certain sections more often and for longer periods of time than others. If you are looking to promote your virtual apartment tours, placing your button that is linked to those tours should fit into one of those optimal viewing sections on your site like the upper right corner of the home page or the middle left of a content section.
  • Don’t forget your Google My Business listing! Speaking of user behavior, searchers are now using the data on these listings more frequently than ever. With apartment leasing office hours changing regularly and COVID-Compliant protocols needing to be updated frequently, these listings are a great place to post the latest news and announcements for your potential renters.

Some multifamily marketing teams have found great success in offering community-based events like food trucks on-site and live music to bring people together safely. We love to help with posts announcing fun events like that!

What is your overall multifamily marketing plan?

Whether you are training a new leasing agent, posting yard signs in the geo-targeted area, or writing content for your website, a consistent brand message is essential. Some questions to consider about your apartment community’s brand include:

  • Are your corporate logo and the color scheme of all your marketing pieces consistent? Do these fit the style of your community and renters? Don’t forget some logos and color schemes don’t translate well into a website without some refinement.
  • Do you have a tagline? Some may think marketing taglines are just for sports and car commercials, but the exercise of creating and sharing a unique brand message will help everyone associated with your multifamily property know how to promote your location easily and consistently.
  • What is working well for the competitors in your area? At Results Repeat, we work hard to understand the current needs of each unique multifamily market. Researching what keywords your competition is targeting and identifying unique opportunities for search engine optimization is paramount in each of our strategies.

We love digital marketing for multifamily communities and would love to hear about your current campaign. Many times, all it takes is a fresh approach with a consistently executed plan that sets you apart from your competition. Results Repeat can help! Contact us today for your free multifamily marketing evaluation. 


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