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Factory Cleaning Equipment

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Up 230.44%

After focusing on user experience and funneling the prospect to the correct pages for their interest, we were able to close more online sales worth higher revenue per order.


143 over 75

Results Repeat tracks many goals including the “Request a Quote” form submission which increased 90.67% year over year resulting in more actual online sales.




This is a total increase in New Users with 71.71% being from organic traffic. We used our keyword research for multiple target markets and matched our SEO strategies to address each target group uniquely. This brought in more new users while also increasing goal conversions.

Our Customer

Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. is a large industrial equipment provider founded in 1994 looking to increase online leads from multiple channels. With locations in Illinois and North Carolina, Factory Cleaning Equipment have grown to become one of the largest vendors for floor sweepers and scrubbers.


This client has two main target audiences requiring specific keyword strategies.


Results Repeat handles SEM, Social Media Management, SEO, and additional marketing consulting for this client. We work directly with their in-house marketing staff and hold frequent conference calls to review results and the client’s dynamic needs to so we continually refine our strategy for success. After our initial site audit identifying several technical issues to be addressed, we created a strategy to optimize the site’s title tags and meta descriptions along with enhancements to the existing on-page content with keywords for each target audience with specific geographic language. Growth in the website’s search presence, ranking positions, and organic traffic began within 3 months. With strategic funneling for each site visitor, Results Repeat has been able to consistently increase sales for this client in both target markets.

Because of the success of our SEO and overall digital marketing strategies, this client has added to their inside sales staff and refine their internal processes to handle the increased leads!

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