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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Increase in Website Goal Conversions


In one year’s time, our PPC team’s new Google Ads campaign strategy led to a 26.30% increase in conversions for ImageThink.

Increase in Paid Ad Traffic

Up 96.73%

By identifying new keyword opportunities and implementing new ad groups, keyword groupings, and ad types, ImageThink’s paid ad clicks increased by +96.73% in one year.


Adapted to Google’s Latest Updates

Included additional information such as call buttons and individual service pages to ImageThink’s ads via Google extensions. 

Our Customer

ImageThink uses a combination of visual facilitation and real-time graphic recording techniques to translate complex conversations into concise text and eye-catching images. This allows meetings, workshops and conference participants the ability to easily understand content on a visual level.


To conduct a successful Google Ads campaign, keywords need to be semantically grouped and segmented by relevance. Unfortunately, ImageThink’s once successful campaigns fell behind due in large part to a lack of fresh relevant keywords and a need to adapt to Google’s latest updates. 


To resolve ImageThink’s underperforming paid ads situation, the Results Repeat pay per click (PPC) experts established a plan to refresh all campaigns, increase each ad’s click thru rate (CTR), and adapt to Google’s latest updates.

First, to increase ad ROI, a keyword audit was conducted to identify new opportunities for keywords with lower search volumes than the ones used in the previous campaigns. These new keyword opportunities also required all future campaigns to be regrouped and reorganized based on their relevance.

Next, new campaigns were created that took advantage of additional ad groups, specific keyword groupings, and Google’s  new ad type additions to better target new and specific audiences. Within this process, landing pages were audited and by leveraging Google Analytics data, our team was able to successfully drive traffic to high converting pages along with pages seeing higher time on page averages.

Then finally, the team used Google’s extensions to include additional information about ImageThink such as call buttons and individual service pages to ads. Once these plans were implemented, ImageThink enjoyed significant increases in their ad conversions and clicks over the course of a year.

By refreshing all campaigns, increasing each ad’s CTR, and adapting to Google’s latest updates, our PPC team significantly increased our client’s conversions and clicks over the course of a year.

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