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Led by a team of engineering, fashion, and business development experts, FibreHeat™ offers an innovative line of thermo gloves and other self-heating accessories to keep fingers and body warm. Additionally, these fashionable gloves also serve as therapeutic devices for those with poor circulation due to Raynaud’s Disease, scleroderma, arthritis and hypothyroidism. 

The Challenge

After enjoying a spike in sales generated by an article describing their product’s ability to relieve symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease, FibreHeat’s sales declined once interest in the article tapered off. 

Although the backlink from the article initially helped drive traffic to their site, the company’s reliance on this backlink led to a lapse in their site’s foundational SEO.

Our Solutions

SEO Performance Strategies

  • Conducted extensive keyword research to capture visitors who seek out articles relating to Raynaud’s phenomenon and the types of products FibreHeat offers. 
  • Performed meticulous keyword targeting for each top-level and product page within the site.
  • Overhauled the site’s foundational SEO, including creating new Page Titles, writing and optimizing Meta Descriptions, Headings and Intro Copy for each product and category page.
  • Completed an internal link analysis and creation to connect relevant keywords on informational pages with the appropriate product category listings.
  • Performed graphic-to-text updates to improve ADA accessibility and ensure that the important keywords within the site’s images are effectively indexed by Google.

The Results

Data-Driven Results: Q3 2022 VS. Q4 2022


Increase In Revenue


Increase In New Users


Increase In Impressions In Search


Increase In Clicks


Increase In Organic Sessions

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