Click Share to Search Campaigns coming back to Google Ads

May 29, 2019
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With all the changes coming to Google, it can be hard to stay updated on what will be the most useful to your marketing strategy. Click share will be rolling out for search campaigns in Google Ads. If you’re not familiar with click share, it’s very simple. Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks in a campaign. A lower click share means more opportunity to capitalize on lost clicks. To calculate click share is a simple equation. For example, if your ad received 40 clicks, but Google Ads estimates that number could have been 100, your click share for this campaign is 20%.


How Does Google Ads Estimate Click Share Numbers?

How does Google Ads estimate these numbers? If an ad has more ad extensions, higher bids, or higher budgets, Google Ads’ algorithm will estimate a higher number of possible clicks. In the past, click share was only available for shopping campaigns, but it will soon be available at the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels when using search campaigns in Google Ads. This is a useful tool for advertisers because it will help show you how effective your ads are. It can give you an idea of how well your ads are engaging users in comparison to your competition.


What Is Impression Share?

Impression share shows how effective your campaign has been in showing ads to Google users, works well in conjunction with click share. Should you see a high impression share and a low click share, for example, you can safely assume that your budget and bids are high enough but your ads are not making as much of an impact on your audience as well as your competitors’.


When Will I Get The Click Share?

Google has begun rolling out click share to accounts and has announced that it will be available for all search campaigns in the coming weeks. Among the changes, they offer a few recommendations to advertisers. Keep using clickthrough rate for ad copy performance comparisons; use click share to determine click growth opportunities by utilizing extensions, bid increases, or budget increases; and use impression share alongside click share to determine impression growth opportunities with bid or budget increases.

This isn’t the only change to search campaigns in Google Ads that has been announced this year. In an effort to constantly improve their platform, the professionals at Google rolls out new features all the time. They aim to make a more transparent and trustworthy experience for advertisers and audiences alike, and they’re constantly finding new ways to do so.

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