Don’t Just Tweet: Real-Time Content as Part of Your SEO Strategy

Facebook and Twitter can help you leverage what’s going on in the news to make you stand out and create engagement. But capitalizing on the news can also be part of your SEO strategy. Creating content quickly is key.

Take the weather mess here in Philadelphia earlier in February. A wet snowstorm sent dozens of trees crashing to the ground. Where I live, over half a million people lost power and it looked at one point like the damage would rival that inflicted by Super Storm Sandy. What a boon for tree removal and restoration services!

Sure, every one of these companies got swamped in the immediate days following the storm. But the real winners that do the best job marketing themselves stay on the job for more days, and can even generate new leads after the event. How do they do it? Everybody tweets and posts on Facebook. But the smart ones add a web page that optimizes for related services in their market.

Search Engine Optimization is all about content. If all you do is Twitter and Facebook posts, you miss out on this strategy. Let the news be your source of inspiration. By writing timely blog posts and new web pages that optimize for the topic at hand, you can get out front and win more business.

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