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Website Redesign Preliminary Comps

Welcome to the Affiliated Management design preliminary comp design. On this page, you will find individual jpg files to view the home page, apartments landing/search page, and an example property page. Please click on each image to view a larger version of the image, with more detail.

There is also a PDF of all layouts available for you to download.

Design Notes

For this design, our main goal was to update your website with a clean, minimal, modern design. Along with the images, I have also left notes to explain some of the elements of each page layout. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know and we can jump on a call and discuss over a screen share.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Home Page


For the homepage, I wanted to create an open, minimal design concept that also incorporates strong calls to action – as well as creating spaces to highlight some elements from the current site.

1 – For the navigation – I wanted to try a clean, simple, centered navigation that is easy to use and unobtrusive. We can look into other navigation possibilities upon request.

2 – Special section – I wanted to create a section that is high on the page that can immediately draw attention to a current site-wide or property specific special. This section can be added/removed whenever necessary. For an example of the homepage without this special banner, Click here.

3 – The main image (behind “A place to call home”) will be a carousel/slider – shifting between different lifestyle shots of tenants/properties/location shots.

4 – For the Garden Rental Communities section – I created a spot here on the right for a slider for individual properties. We can have this cycle through a few property shots, to highlight some of the apartments your company offers.

5 – Apartment spotlight – this is a section to highlight specific properties, which you are currently doing on your website. This offers more information, a chance to highlight some features, and offers a strong call to action to get users to view the featured property. This section will be set up to be easily changed whenever you need to do so.

6 – Before the footer, we wanted to create a final, strong call to action – meant to get users to reach out to you, directly for more information.

Apartments Landing Page


For this page, we created a card-based grid to display your properties. For the main apartments page, we can offer filters for all/NJ/NY/PA

We can also create additional landing pages that look like this, specifically for the states – which will allow us to filter based on county in each state.

Again – we wanted to keep a strong call to action, pulling in the “your new home” CTA from the homepage.

Sample Property Page


For the property page, we wanted to create a layout that tells a narrative – breaking the content up into smaller, digestible chunks of information with a supplemental image to retain some visual interest.

1 – Pulling in the concept from the homepage, we also created a section for a property special. Like the homepage, this section can be added/removed as needed.

You can see the appearance of the property page without this banner by Click here.

2 – For the apartment features and neighborhood features section, we went with accordion modules, which can be expanded by clicking on the header to display the corresponding information. This is a great way to add a large amount of content in a smaller area – cutting down on overall page length. Again, we supplemented the text content with photos.

3 – For the gallery, we feel a nice, simple slider will work really well for the photo gallery.

4 – We wanted to create a strong endpoint for the property. For this, we added a large map to show the location of the property – along with a strong call to action with a form for the user to immediately fill out and contact you for more information.