Email Marketing Services: MailChimp v. Zoho


When it comes to email marketing services, there are many good options to pick from. For our first email campaign, we narrowed it down to MailChimp and Zoho. We have used MailChimp on other projects in the past and have had great results, but we thought Zoho might be a good fit for our current needs. Here’s how we figured out which email service to use for Results Repeat first newsletter campaign.


In terms of price, there is not much of a difference. Both Zoho and MailChimp will allow us to send 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers for free each month. After that, their rates are similar.

Benefits of Zoho

It looks easy to use and we like how it’s all integrated with with Zoho CRM software. Through Zoho, we can sync contact lists and maintain up-to-date mailing lists. We can target leads, prospects and customers by tailoring information in our emails based on their needs.  Also, the results of our email campaigns are available right in our Zoho account.

Disadvantages of Zoho

Zoho will get the job done and we think the integration with the CRM and Campaign management will help keep everything streamlined. However, Zoho doesn’t specialize in email campaigns the same way that MailChimp does. MailChimp will constantly be pushing forward with new email campaign innovations and I think Zoho will lag behind.

Benefits of MailChimp

MailChimp will be adding more advanced features in the future, beyond what Zoho has to offer. For instance, they just created a feature that would allow us to place a code snippet on our websites, and send autoresponders based on website activity. They are also matching Twitter accounts based on email addresses, so that you can target users based on their social media activity.

Disadvantages of MailChimp

We can import our contacts from Zoho, but it is still a separate account that needs to be managed independently.


We’ll try to do the first email campaign with Zoho and see how it goes. We really like how the email campaigns would all be integrated with the CRM software that we’re already using. Even though MailChimp is a more advanced system, if we’re not using those advanced features, it doesn’t really matter. We can always switch to MailChimp at a later time. At the moment, we don’t see any major advantages to starting out with them now, since we only need a basic monthly email campaign to less than 2,000 subscribers.

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