Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Build engagement and increase traffic to your website and social media platforms quickly and affordably.

Targeted Advertising

Instagram and Facebook Ads reach your audience right away, generating interest in your product or service.

Gain New Customers

Facebook and Instagram ads get your business in front of new clients on platforms they use every day.

Stay Top of Mind

Social ads keep your brand top of mind as users navigate online, visually reminding users to buy from you over your competitors.

What Are
Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Facebook advertising is a paid social media marketing strategy that allows businesses to show ads on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook’s extensive data provides exceptional targeting capabilities for you to reach users based on their interests, demographics, locations, behaviors, connections, and more. Facebook’s algorithm then uses your targeting specifications to automatically place ads where and when they will perform most favorably. The social networking platform offers a range of advertising tools and features to accommodate all levels of expertise. In order to maximize your paid search marketing performance on social media, you need to understand the fundamentals of advertising with Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Graphic

What do display ads look like?

Reach users across Facebook, Instagram, and related apps and platforms with Facebook advertising. Specifically, ads are placed where users are most likely to see and engage with them.

  • Facebook Ad Placements: articles, in-stream videos, search results, and stories as well as on the right column of the marketplace, newsfeed, and video feed.
  • Instagram Ad Placements: explore page, feed, and stories.
How to Use Facebook and Instagram Ads

Ads Manager vs Business Manager

Anyone with a Facebook profile has an ad account by default. This ad account gives you access to ad creation and business management tools for free.

Ads Manager is Facebook’s advertising interface where you create, run, and manage your ads. Customize every part of your campaign in Ads Manager to funnel ad delivery to your intended audience.

Business Manager is Facebook’s comprehensive advertising tool that organizes all of your assets in one place. This tool allows you to manage multiple ad accounts, Facebook and Instagram pages, and other assets assign access to these assets without giving anyone permission to your personal profile. Additionally, Business Manager hosts superior efficiency features, so you can monitor ad performance across different ad accounts and pages. You do not need a Business Manager to run ads; however, it is beneficial if you have numerous employees that need access to your assets, have multiple assets to manage, or want greater security.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Audience Targeting Options

Facebook generates targeting solutions by collecting user data and activity on the platform; for example, the pages a person likes and the content he or she engages with. Facebook uses this information to categorize individuals into detailed targeting options, also known as your core audience. Hyper-target ad delivery to your core audience based on the following criteria.

  • Interests, demographics, locations, behaviors
  • Facebook page or event connections of users

Additionally, Facebook offers more customized audience options to refine your targeting and extend your ad reach more strategically.

  • Custom audiences target individuals who have already interacted with your business via your website, app, or directly on Facebook.
  • Lookalike audiences enable you to connect with new users who have similar attributes and behaviors to your existing customers.

What are the benefits of Social Ads?

Facebook advertising offers a host of benefits for your business. Gain the brand awareness, leads, or engagement you seek and enjoy the additional advantages of advertising with Facebook.

Affinity Audiences


A digital marketing solution for businesses irrespective of size. Lower average cost-per-clicks on Facebook and Instagram allow you to run a successful social campaign on a smaller budget.

In Market Audiences

Facebook Audience Insights

This data tool gives valuable information about users connected to your page and on Facebook in general. This data helps you understand the lifestyles, interests, and demographics of people likely to be interested in your business for tactical ad messaging.

Detailed Demographics

Detailed Targeting

Options enable you to reach potential customers where they already are based on their behaviors and characteristics. Advertise to an audience built to your exact specifications to maximize your marketing efforts.

Life Events


This is available as a supplemental social marketing strategy. Simply add a snippet of code on your website to collect data from website visitors so you can re-engage them with targeted ads.


In-Platform Performance Metrics

Helps you make data-driven optimizations to your campaign and ads. Easily review results to determine your strategy’s effectiveness and find opportunities for improvement.

Similar Audiences

Ad Formats

Support multiple forms of engagement from both new and existing customers. They also extend more opportunities for creative messaging to showcase your business’s brand identity better.

Drive More Traffic, Leads, and Sales

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How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Facebook’s user base, detailed targeting options, and minimum budget requirement of $1/day make it the perfect advertising solution or complementary marketing strategy for small and large businesses alike. At Results Repeat, our prices fluctuate to accommodate the project’s scope, we have a flexible one-time setup fee and a minimum $250/monthly management fee.

Why invest in a Social Advertising Agency?

Display campaigns have a one-time set-up fee and then an ongoing monthly management fee, which includes all ad creation strategy, oversight, and monthly reporting to you. In addition to the monthly management fee, you will need an allocated budget for costs accumulated from clicks on your ads. With proper Google Ads management, display campaigns can run on smaller ad budgets, but cost-per-click still varies based on the industry and needs of your business. For specific pricing, contact us for a quote!

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