Google Ads to Manage Campaigns for Select Users

February 28, 2019
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Google Ads is automatically implementing campaign changes to certain accounts unless users opt-out of the update. The advertising platform is sending email notifications to select users to inform them that their accounts are eligible for “complimentary campaign support.” Account holders who want to maintain complete control over their campaigns will have 7 business days after receiving the notification to opt-out of the service before changes are made. If you have received one of these emails, there are a few things you should know before deciding what is best for your business.

About Smart Campaigns

Smart campaigns are part of the new ad experience introduced by Google this past summer to simplify Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for small businesses. The intention of smart campaigns is to automate PPC practices from ad creation to ad delivery using information from a business’s existing Google profile(s), such as its Google My Business. As a result, a business would only be responsible for creating a Google Ads account, setting a budget, and designating its goals. Ad creatives, delivery, and optimization, as well as audience targeting, will all be automated with smart technology through Google Ads. The automation features are supposed to relieve businesses from the regular responsibilities of a PPC campaign.

Smart campaigns have become the default setting for new advertisers on Google Ads. Now, however, Google Ads is actively identifying and notifying existing individual client accounts that it feels would benefit the most from its automated PPC marketing support. It is important to recognize that the complimentary support guaranteed in the email notification is coming from experts in smart automation technology, which does not suggest personalized campaign management.

Expected Campaign Changes

In the email, Google Ads notified recipients that key changes to their campaigns would be implemented immediately if they did not opt-out of its service before the designated deadline. Potential changes include the restructuring of ad groups, adding, removing, or modifying keywords, adjusting bids, and updating ad copy. These adjustments could significantly alter your campaign, so it is important to review the changes Google makes to ensure that the applied changes are to the benefit and specification of your business’s needs. Google even warns users in the email that they should regularly monitor their accounts as well.

Ongoing Benefits of Google Ads Support

Google Ads promises many advantages of its new service, though it is careful not to guarantee any particular results. The advertising platform does assure users that they can expect experts working to find ways to optimize their performance. In addition to expert knowledge, campaigns will be updated with advanced features as they come out. Finally, Google Ads will offer in-depth analysis of the modifications they make so you can see if they are working.

Google Ads has indicated this past year that it wants its advertising space to be more inclusive of local and small businesses that do not have the time or resources to spend on manual account maintenance. The type of support it is currently offering is giving businesses the opportunity to advertise across Google channels and partner sites.

Disadvantages of Google Ads Support

While certain businesses may benefit from the new service offered by Google Ads, others should be wary of giving up control of their campaigns. Google Ads will have complete control over the distribution of your budget as well as the creative direction of your ads. Businesses with budget limitations and audience specifications have to tread more carefully with their keyword bids and ad copy. The new service eliminates the personal touch that can be accomplished by manually managing your Google Ads account.

Users will be able to opt-out of Google Ads support at any point, even after changes have been made. After the modifications have been made, however, it will be challenging to revert back to your old settings should you decide against the new changes. Consequently, users should inquire more about the types of changes they should expect in their particular campaigns and what the long-term management of their accounts will entail. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about your Google Ads account, please feel free to reach out to us!

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