How Hiring a Digital Ad Agency to Set Up Your AdWords Account Saves You Money

Time and time again, we hear the same story: a business owner wants to save money by doing their marketing in-house. We’re a small business too, and we share this sentiment. However, while we will be the first to admit there is a lot you can do in house, hiring a PPC company to set up your AdWords campaign is almost always a good investment and in some cases will pay for itself in the first 30 days.

AdWord advertising is great for many businesses because you can carefully target potential customers who are searching for your product or services. There are countless setting that help you customize and optimize your advertising campaign. For example, you can target geographic areas, advertise only during certain times of the day and also set your budget on a daily basis. However, even with this control, it’s easy to make mistakes and spend money on clicks that have no chance of converting.

Here are the three biggest mistakes we see when inheriting AdWords campaigns. They are all easily avoided when you have a person who understands your business and Google AdWords best practices setting up your campaign:

Setting Generic Keywords

Unless you have an unlimited budget (and who does), you simply can’t afford to include generic keywords. For example, if you were selling new construction homes in Reston, VA, keywords like “real estate” and “new homes” would probably be too generic. Phrases like “Reston new construction homes” or “new homes for sale Restore, VA” would be more likely to convert into a sale.

Setting the Wrong Match Type

By default, your ads are set to “broad” match type, and this means that your ads will show up for keywords Google deems as related. While broad match is a great strategy for some, in our experience, Google’ s interpretation of a close match is sometimes a stretch, and most of our customers are better served with less restrictive match settings, like phase match which requires the entire phrase to be in the keyword.

Setting Bids That are Too High

We often see customers come to us with $10 daily budgets and bids that are $4 per click who are running out of their budget by 9 am. A good AdWords specialist can help you understand what you can afford to pay for a click as well as how set bids that will maximize the number of clicks you get each day.

Do you have a Google Adwords account that could use a tune-up from an experienced PPC company? We can help save you money by fine-tuning your PPC account and increasing your ROI. Give us a call at 215-995-3096 or contact us here to learn more.

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