Three Free Tips to Increase Website Traffic and SEO

increase website traffic seo

Many people contact us right after having built a new website and report that it’s not generating the “results they expected.” Sometimes, they’ve spent their entire marketing budget on the new website and have nothing left for actual marketing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you find yourself in this position, we’re here to offer some helpful tips on effective and free ways to increase your website traffic and business through digital marketing.

Just because you’ve built a new website doesn’t mean that it will generate more traffic. Traffic is the lifeblood of your business and ultimately increasing traffic on your website should lead to an increase in business.

So, how can you get more people to your site without a budget? Below are some quick tips to increase website traffic without incurring any out of pocket expense.

1. Claim your online business listings. Business directories pepper the Internet. They range from industry-specific directories to general compilations like or Yelp. By ensuring your listings are claimed, verified, and up to date, potential customers can find you in these directories. Typically people don’t go to these sites directly, but rather find them when they do a search for your product and service because these companies make huge investments in SEO and other digital marketing. By updating your listings, you can take advantage of these investments. Most directories allow you to add a link to your site, so be sure to add yours.

2. Strategic posting to social media. Social media isn’t just about sharing cute cat videos. It’s an opportunity to get in front of prospects and generate website traffic. For best results, create original content on your website and share it on social media platforms. Not only will you have relevant social media posts, you’ll also have an opportunity to build traffic to your website. Get the most out of your posts by asking your employees to share them, as well. Your posts on social media platforms, like LinkedIn, will reach more people when you leverage your employees’ networks rather than relying only on your corporate page.

3. Email marketing. Email marketing is underutilized by most companies and happens to be our best source of leads and business. One way you can start is to use emails to promote services that people might not know you provide. Write short abstracts about your product or service and link back to a web page that has complete details.

You can generate traffic, leads and sales with a little sweat equity, but it still takes time. If you find that you do need help from an experienced digital marketing  company with tasks like claiming business listings, SEO, or social media strategies, we’re always here.


Free Tips for Website Traffic

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