Have You Discussed LinkedIn Ads With Your Pay-Per-Click Management Service?

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You may have a stellar website, a well-rounded social media plan, and robust AdWords and SEO campaigns. But, have you considered adding LinkedIn ads to your marketing plan?  As a pay-per-click management service, we frequently recommend LinkedIn ads to our business-to-business clients – if you offer a service or product for a business and are seeking greater branding and exposure, LinkedIn ads can be an effective tool for your business.

LinkedIn is highly targeted, allowing you to expose your brand to the new business clients you seek.  LinkedIn allows you to target your ads by professional job title, meaning you can make sure your ads are shown to the decision-makers when necessary. You can also target the ads by company size, industry type, skills and interests, and geography.  And, LinkedIn allows you to target companies by name specifically, which may work well if you have a full list of potential clients or industry in your area.

Each LinkedIn ad contains a small image, a short headline, and a small amount of text.  You’ll select a destination for anyone who clicks the ad.  You may choose for users to land on your home page, or you can explore designing specific landing pages for users to learn about the services you offer.

One of the best things about LinkedIn ads for B2B clients is the cost. Users pay per click, so the cost is often low. However, impressions can be very high, meaning your brand is in front of the targeted decision-makers you seek, at a very low cost. As an example, in February 2017, one of our clients running three LinkedIn ads received nearly 200,000 impressions – which means their brand was displayed nearly 200,000 times to the exact group of professionals they sought to target.

As with all pay-per-click ad campaigns, we recommend frequent testing, updates, and analysis.  We can set up your LinkedIn ads campaign, manage the campaign, and keep you informed every step of the way.  Contact us today to get started.

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