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Website Preliminary Design

Welcome to your preliminary website design space. Below you will find the preliminary design comp for your home page and a sample property page layout. If you have any issues viewing these files, please contact

We look forward to reviewing these comps with you.


Design Notes

For the home page, we wanted to consolidate the information, make better use of the space, and introduce some lifestyle-based photography as a strong visual element.

We created a strong header that has information about current specials, as well as a strong call to action to lead users to the apartments page.

We wanted to add a visual element to the manager’s specials – so we included thumbnail images along with the information.

For the footer, we wanted to create a sense of neighborhood/local charm. To achieve this we created a simple graphic element for the footer background and organized the information in an easy to use way. Community links and contact information are easily accessible throughout the site.

For the property page layout we wanted to make better use of the overall screen space and consolidate information for each property. We have pulled the overview, pricing, amenities, and photo gallery into one page. The floor plans have retained a simple table layout with the addition of an apply online link.

Overall we wanted to keep everything clean and simple – keeping the look and feel of the site in line with your properties.

Home Page Design
Property Page Design