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Photography of your property is one of the most important selling points. When prospective residents see pictures they like online, they’ll feel more inclined to schedule a tour of the property or call to ask more questions. Your website and the content on it act as your audience’s first impression of you, so standing out from your competitors is a must. Learning some best practices of multifamily website photography can help your property get the upper hand. Here are some dos and don’ts of getting the best shots of your property.

Do: Get great shots of the exterior of your building. Not only will your audience be able to recognize your building from the pictures or vice versa, they’ll also get to familiarize themselves with the layout of the property. What kind of grounds do you have to work with? How close in proximity are all the apartments to each other? Around how many apartments are there in the property itself? Your audience can learn a lot by seeing how your community looks from the outside.

Don’t: Leave out pictures of the surrounding neighborhoods. Allow your future residents to see the area which they’ll spend a lot of their life; pictures of the streets that lie outside your apartments’ windows, pictures of some popular spots to hang out and eat nearby. You know that apartment properties are all about location, so show your audience what your community has to offer in the area around you.

Do: Capture the details in your apartments. A wide shot of the kitchen or bathroom won’t show your audience what they’ll be seeing up close when they live there. If your apartment features amenities like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, beautiful tile flooring, and spacious closets, show your audience exactly what that looks like in their new home. Capturing pictures from the perspective of someone standing in the kitchen, living room, or bathroom can help your audience envision themselves in your space.

Don’t: Ignore the angle of humanizing your property. Stage pictures of people hanging out in your shared spaces, balconies or patios, and community amenities to show prospective residents what they can expect when living at your property. If your apartments are pet friendly, stage pictures with some cats or dogs to highlight how special it is to be able to bring along your pets with you when you move to a new place.

Do: Showcase what makes your property unique. Do your units have breakfast nooks? Bay windows with a seat? Does your community pool look out on the sunset? There are all things that make your property stand out from your competitors’, which means they can be a huge selling point to your audience.

Multifamily website photography is a marketing element that can help your leasing efforts by leaps and bounds. Showing your audience several different elements of your property can help them see what it will be like to live there — if they already feel at home, they’ll be more inclined to submit an application! There are a variety of other ways to attract new residents and draw new users to your website including focusing on your local multifamily marketing strategy. Reach out to Results Repeat today for how we can take your apartment marketing to the next level!

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