New to Google AdWords: Demographic Targeting

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Deciphering a user’s intent has always been one of the most difficult puzzles for search engines to solve. Now, Google is improving how advertisers and marketers get their ads in front of those that they’re truly targeting.

You can now target by demographics in your Google AdWords search campaign. You can target people you’re specifically trying to reach by either gender OR age. This feature will show your ads to those in whichever age group, gender, or parental status you select.

For example, a 20-year-old searching for “supplements” or “vitamins” will likely be looking for something quite different than someone in their 70s. Now, you can tailor your message, ads and landing page for each group. Another benefit of demographic targeting is it allows you to set bid adjustments that let you pay more for demographics you want to target and less for those you don’t. For example, suppose you find all ages convert the same percentage of the time, but the 20 year olds spend twice as much. You can afford bidding more to acquire these customers, and now you can increase the bids of campaigns designed for them.

You can learn more about setting up this feature here. And, as always, if you have questions or need any help, we’re here!


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