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Get your business in front of new clients fast with paid search ads.

Drive Traffic Quickly

Paid search marketing reaches your audience right away, with the potential to generate sales quickly.

Gain New Customers

Paid ads get your business in front of new clients who may not already know you’re in business.

Grow Your Following

Paid search marketing can reach a new audience and help you gain more new customers.

What is
paid search marketing?

Paid search marketing, including Google Display Marketing, is a strategy used in digital advertising that drives traffic to your website from sponsored ads in the search engine results pages. Paid search, often referred to as pay per click (PPC), allows business owners to reach users actively searching for the products or services their business provides by bidding on the keywords they are using. The ads show only when a consumer’s search query relates to your business, and you only pay the search engine a fee after someone clicks on your ad.

Paid search gives you the opportunity to connect your ads with potential consumers when they are actively searching for what your business provides.

where do paid ads show

Where do
paid search ads show?

These ads are visible to consumers through search engines, in non-organic (sponsored) listings on search engine results pages (SERPs). These are labeled as “Ad” and found at the top and bottom of the search results. The two most popular search engines, Google and Bing, offer advertising platforms for businesses to create, target and show ads to potential customers on their respective search engines. Both associated ad platforms, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads offer unique paid advertising opportunities to the advantage of businesses.

Google Ads offers you more advanced targeting capabilities and a greater number of users on its search engine for more advertising opportunities to help you increase your PPC campaign conversions.

what is paid search marketing

How does
paid search marketing work?

Search engines decide the placement of paid ads on a results page by using a process called an ad auction. An ad auction uses your keyword bids and quality score to determine when and where your ads will show on a SERP as well as how much you will ultimately pay for a click on one of your ads.

Keywords are words or phrases consumers use to find the products or services your business provides. Your inclusion in an ad auction starts with a bid on a keyword. This bid may not be the actual amount you pay for an ad click, but it is the amount you are willing to pay.

Your quality score is an estimate of how relevant your ads and landing pages are to your keywords. Maintaining an above-average quality score is harder than it sounds but can mean lower cost-per-clicks and better ad positions on a SERP. Your bid and quality score work in tandem during an ad auction to get your ads shown above your competitors.

Why invest in
paid search marketing?

Detailed Targeting Capabilities Icon

Detailed Targeting Capabilities

Ad scheduling, geotargeting, and other features are available to define your audience and focus your budget on only the most valuable clicks to your website.

Timely Advertising Icon

Timely Advertising

Reach potential consumers when they show intentional purchase interest. Paid search marketing puts your ads in front of consumers actively searching for what your business has to offer.

Fast Results Icon

Fast Results

Paid search is an immediate advertising opportunity for businesses in need of fast results. With the potential for placement at the top of the search results as soon as they are live, paid ads are the perfect scalable solution for short and long-term digital marketing strategies.

Budget Control Icon

Budget Control

Paid search ads typically support a pay-per-click model with a set budget cap, so you never spend more than you want. Since search advertising is also highly targeted and measurable, it is easy to find opportunities to optimize your budget and boost your return-on-investment (ROI).

Qualified Leads and Better ROI icon

Qualified Leads and Better ROI

Eliminate excess spending on futile leads and increase the value of your site traffic to ensure more qualified leads by using paid search ads to target and filter search engine users to your website.

Complements Other Marketing Strategies Icon

Complements Other Marketing Strategies

Increase your online presence. Landing page optimization with SEO services and Paid Search can increase ad relevancy, lower cost-per-clicks, and increase visibility in organic search.

Insights gained from your paid campaigns can help inform audience targeting and ad creative in your social advertising strategy.

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How do I know if my
paid search marketing is working?

You will see the results. Ad platforms offer comprehensive reporting on metrics including ad clicks, impressions, average cost-per-click, and more with detailed breakdowns of these metrics all the way to the keyword level. These results are only useful, however, if they translate to tangible leads on your end. Conversion tracking allows us to track the actions users complete on your website that contribute to your overall business goals. For example, inquiry form submissions that generate actionable sales leads.

how does paid search work

Why should you use a paid search marketing agency ?

An effective paid search marketing campaign requires a significant amount of time and expertise. From extensive keyword and competitor research to regular optimizations, your search ads will not make it to the top of a SERP alone. Paid search experts understand the nuances of advertising in digital spaces across search engines and ad platforms with consideration to constantly evolving marketing trends, technology, and user behavior. It is a lot to manage, but we are committed to helping businesses exceed their marketing goals.

How much does paid search marketing cost?

Pricing for ads campaigns varies and depends on a variety of factors. One-time setup for search campaigns starts at $1,000 with a monthly support fee of $300 and up. Additionally, you will need an allocated budget for costs from clicks on your ads. For specific pricing, contact us for a quote!

How do I get started with
paid search marketing?

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