The Benefits of Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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One of the most crucial elements of ad creation is understanding the people who are on the other end of your campaigns. In a perfect world, we could tailor our ads specifically to every person searching for our products. Sadly, it is not that easy. But did you know there’s a simple way to better tailor your ads to your audience? Enter Dynamic Keyword Insertion!

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) is a powerful tool from Google Ads that takes the text from your customer’s search query and dynamically updates the text in your ads. DKI customizes the ad according to what the user specifically searched, improving the overall quality of the ad.

For example, let’s assume you are running ads for your Results Repeat Pizza Shop. Your Keyword Insertion ad headline would look something like Results Repeat {keyword:pizza}.

A screen shot of an example ad set up for Results Repeat showing how Keyword Insertion works

This replaces the headline with the exact keywords the person used when searching. So if someone were looking for pepperoni pizza, the headline of your ad would read “Results Repeat Pepperoni Pizza.” If the search term is too long, it will default to whatever word you have after the colon, in this example “Results Repeat Pizza.”

A screen shot of an example ad for Results Repeat showing how Keyword Insertion Works

Why Use DKI

There are several main reasons why you should give Dynamic Keyword Insertion a try in your next ad campaign:

More Specific targeting

DKI enables your ad copy to contain the exact phrase searchers are using, making it relevant and more likely to be clicked.

Bolded Keywords

Google will automatically bold the inserted keyword in the ads when they are shown. This is helpful because the keywords the user specifically searched will stand out in the ad for your product, making it more likely that the user will click on your ad.

Improved Quality Score

Quality Score is the rating that Google gives advertisers based on the quality and relevance of their ads and landing pages to a searcher’s query. DKI has the potential to increase the relevance of your ads. Higher quality scores mean higher ad placement and lower ad costs!

Saves Valuable Time!

Probably one of the most compelling reasons to use DKI is that it saves you time. By automatically inserting the search term into your ads you don’t have to spend all that time creating ad group-specific ads.

When NOT to Use DKI

As helpful and time-saving as DKI can be, like all things in the ad campaign toolbox, there are times when DKI is not the best option for your ad campaigns.

Bids on Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are often too long to fit within the character limits of your ads. Therefore, if you happen to have long keywords, DKI might also not be the best option.

Always consider the character count for your ads:

  • 30 characters in the heading
  • 90 characters in the description
  • 15 characters in the URL path

Broad Match Keywords

DKI creates hyper-relevant ads to the searcher, and you want your ads to match their search query as closely as you can. Broad match lets search engines display ads for variations of keywords (singular, plural, synonyms, related searches, etc.). Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion in this instance can make your ads look confusing and less relevant.

Targeting Misspellings

If you’re bidding on misspellings, DKI is not the right tool. Misspelled words in your ads can cripple your credibility.

Handle With Care

Before using this powerful tool, make sure you know which words are in your ad groups and keep everything tight! DKI works best when all keywords in your ad group can be switched out for the search term and your message is still clear. Always remember to test, test, and test one more time! With proper attention and care placed in your ad groups, Dynamic Keyword Insertion just might be exactly what your PPC campaign needs.

Curious how Dynamic Keyword Insertion could work for your business? Results Repeat has a team of Pay Per Click experts that are here to help you take your paid advertising to the next level. Contact us today for a free marketing evaluation.

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