Foundation Information

    Company name as it will appear on website:

    Contact information – email, phone, address, etc.:

    Domain name:

    Hosting company:

    Project Requirement Analysis

    What is the primary message you wish to convey to your audience with this site?

    What are the secondary objectives you hope to achieve?

    What are the overall goals you intend to reach with this site?

    Who is your target audience? Is it different from your current customer profile? (Please describe in detail):

    How does the company differentiate itself from competitors?

    What are the key reasons why customers choose your company?


    Do you have a logo or do we need to design it for you? If you have a logo is it available electronically?

    Will you provide the needed pictures and graphics needed for the site?

    Other than resizing, will your photos need retouching or formatting?

    Describe any visual elements or styles that can be utilized from existing websites? (if exists)

    List any sites you find compelling. What do you find most interesting about these sites?

    List sites of competitor’s site and briefly state what you like and dislike about their overall site:

    Any specific colors you want for your website?

    What devices do you want this website to be optimized for? (Computer, phone, Apple mobile devices, etc.)

    What functions do you want the website to perform? (Contact form, blog, payment gateway, etc.)

    Will you write the copy for the site? If not do you need someone to help you?


    What is the primary action you wish your target user to take from the main page of your site? (Examples: download, browse, move along a specific path, email, order, explore, click button, call via phone, etc.)

    What is the primary action you wish your target user to take before leaving your site?

    Is it the same action as #1? If not, please describe:

    What elements are key items you wish to be available on every page?

    Last step

    Let’s identify the number of pages needed for the website, so a site map might be helpful. Below is a simple example of a site map:

    Home Page
            Case studies
            Previous projects
    Contact Us
    Types of projects we are looking for

    Don’t worry about the wording but identifying the pages is important