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Blog > SEO > What Do Bra Sizes and Title Tag Lengths Have in Common? Truth in Advertising

Women’s Heath Magazine reports that the average bras size of American women is now a 34DD according to a survey conducted by online retailer Intimacy. Really? I found lots of people talking about this, including 1,300+ who commented on this article in the Huffington Post. I’ve been told I’m above average in a lot of ways, including that one and let’s just say I’m no 34DD. So I’m not buying it. More proof that surveys can be a bust and that you can’t believe everything you read.

People can be just as gullible about SEO. I still get asked about keyword tags and search engine submission, both of which went the way of the dinosaur. Fortunately, it’s easy to help clients refocus their thinking on these matters.

Other misconceptions are harder to debunk. My current favorite is title tag length. One competitor sent a customer of mine an SEO analysis suggesting rewriting all title tag lengths over 70 characters; the report showed a big X for every page where the title tag exceeded this limit. The client’s site is several hundred pages, so there were a lot of Xs. Others suggest the best quick SEO fix you can do is edit all of your title tags so they are about 70 characters.

The 70 character limit recommendation still persists because this is how many characters will display when a search is done, but many top SEO experts recommend putting up to 12 words in the title. My own test suggests that search engines indexes words beyond the first 70 characters. One experiment proved Google will index at least the first 1,000 characters. Here is a link for a current perspective on the topic.

While guidelines can be helpful, and best practices are a good place to start, Google and other search engines make frequent updates to their algorithms. So the only way to know what really works is to experiment.

What do you believe…do you believe that the average woman is sporting a 34DD or that title tags should be kept to 70 characters, if only for readability? Let me know what you think.

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