Why Invest In Digital Marketing, Part 2: PPC

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Why Invest In Digital Marketing, Part 2: PPC


When it comes to investing in digital marketing, it can be overwhelming to decide where to begin and how to know if you are making the right investment for your business. From Pay-per-click (PPC), to Social Media Advertising, to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)– there are many directions that your marketing campaigns can take. In our previous blog post “Why Invest in Digital Marketing, Part 1: SEO”, Lindsay dove into search engine optimization and how it can benefit companies of all sizes. Today, we are going to look at PPC and why it could be the perfect strategy for your business.


Top Of Page Results

PPC or pay-per-click digital advertising consists of bidding on keywords that are relevant to your business in order to show at the top of the search results page, above organic results. Every time your ad is clicked, you are charged a certain amount based on many factors. Some of these include:

  • Quality Score
  • Your keyword bids and bidding strategy
  • Competition
  • Seasonality

When optimized correctly, your ads can be the first listing a potential customer sees when they click the search button. This increase in visibility can dramatically improve the number of clicks to your site, which can in turn increase sales.


Compliment Your SEO Efforts

SEO and paid ads work best when they are used together. Pay-per-click teams can focus on keywords that are not ranking high organically, so that a site is still shown on the first page. In contrast, if a certain keyword is ranking high organically, PPC efforts can be pulled back for that specific term in order to save budget. SEO teams can use data from paid campaigns to inform their content strategies as well. For example, if certain ad text is performing really well, the SEO team may consider including that text on pages throughout the site. While SEO and PPC can be very successful on their own, they are two strategies that complement each other in many ways when used simultaneously.


Reach Your Target Audience

Pay-Per-Click advertising gives you the unique opportunity to reach potential customers that are actively searching for what you offer. By using keywords, demographics, locations, device bids and more, you are able to specify who sees your ads and when based on your ideal customer profile. An additional benefit of this is that by only showing ads to those that are searching for your service or product, you are able to avoid unnecessary spend. Reaching your target audience at the right time can drastically increase conversions for your business.


Quick Results

While SEO is a long-term game of increasing organic rankings, sometimes a business needs to see more immediate results. That is where PPC comes in! Programs like Google Ads give us the ability to start showing at the top of the page from the moment your ads are turned on. As your campaign runs and we see how specific keywords and targeting actions are performing, we continue to optimize bids, ad copy, and other targeting options to drive as many clicks and conversions as possible. In addition to top of page results, paid advertising presents opportunities for remarketing and display campaigns that organic services can’t offer. PPC is a great additional service to use while first starting your SEO efforts, as it can take time for SEO to start showing large improvements.


Find A PPC Professional

When it comes to paid ads, it is critical to find an expert to run your campaigns. An effective campaign will include extensive keyword and competitor research along with consistent optimizations and comprehensive reporting. A PPC expert will be able to look at your campaigns and make suggestions based on performance and overall trends in the digital space, and will be your go-to person for your digital marketing needs.

PPC is an investment in your business that can drive quick results, help you reach your target audience, and complement your other digital marketing efforts. Reach out to Results Repeat today for your free marketing evaluation!

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