Why You Should Avoid Guaranteed SEO Results

November 3, 2021
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Guarantees can be very persuasive marketing and sales tools. An interested audience member can easily become a new customer if a product or service is guaranteed. Why? When a company demonstrates its confidence in its product or services by offering a refund if the buyer is not satisfied, it essentially eliminates any transactional risk. And customers are more inclined to make risk-free purchases.

However, guarantees can also have negative consequences when misused. Some businesses may exploit the notion of a guarantee to lure customers into making a purchase – only to fail to deliver on their promise. And agencies that promise guaranteed search engine optimization (SEO) results are some of the biggest violators of this promise. 

In the following article, we’ll explain why there is no such thing as guaranteed SEO results, state the reasons why this is so, and explain why you should only work with agencies that use legitimate SEO tactics to improve your website’s rankings and page results. 

Key takeaways this article will help you recognizes that guaranteed SEO results should be avoided:

  • Understand that guaranteed SEO results are empty promises made by agencies who are looking to exploit businesses rather than help them  
  • Learn the reasons why these guaranteed results are: discredited by search engines; are not actually attainable; may violate search engine policies; and can negatively impact your website’s rankings and trustworthiness
  • Recognize that a trustworthy SEO agency may not promise guaranteed results but will use their expertise to optimize your website in accordance with search engine rules, regulations and best practices in an effort to improve your rankings and page results

What are guaranteed SEO results?

Have you ever seen an online ad promising “first-page rankings in less than 30 days – or your money back”? If so, you’ve seen an example of guaranteed SEO results. Essentially, these guaranteed SEO services promise customers such benefits as immediate high-rankings and priority access to search engines. While these offers seem extremely enticing and their outcomes incredibly rewarding, they are actually very deceptive. 

At best, any agency that offers these guaranteed services lacks SEO experience and knowledge. At worst, they’re being outright deceitful. In either scenario, these agencies are promising results that they cannot possibly deliver. And they’re not going to refund the customer’s money like they originally promised. Most likely, the small print in the contract will explain that matter in detail. 

Reasons we do not guarantee SEO results

Knowledgeable and experienced SEO agencies never offer guarantees. Instead, they speak with their clients to understand their specific pain points, identify their business goals, and develop a SEO strategy that helps them achieve these goals. And one of the first points these experts will stress in this initial discussion is that SEO does not lead to overnight success. It is an ongoing process that changes and evolves over time. As trends change, search engines update their algorithms, and markets shift, SEO experts adjust their methods to pursue more favorable results. 

One thing an experienced and trustworthy agency will never do is offer guaranteed SEO results. There are multiple reasons why this is so: 

Search engines do not endorse SEO guarantees

As Google warns in their Do You Need an SEO? document, “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a ‘priority submit’ to Google.”

SEO cannot control search engines

The algorithms that fuel Google, Bing, and other search engines are well-guarded secrets. The only people privy to this information reside at the highest levels of these companies. While search engines have offered some insight into a few of their ranking factors, they’re not going to share their algorithms with the world. 

SEO experts know the best practices and methods for developing and implementing organic and paid search strategies. Some may be better than others at these methods. But even the best SEO agencies do not know how to manipulate or control the algorithms. If they did, search engines would lose their power.  

Many guaranteed SEO practices violate policies

Agencies that offer guaranteed SEO services may demonstrate some impressive results during their initial strategies and campaigns. However, these results are typically short-lived and often violate search engine policies. 

In the early days of SEO, agencies would use such tactics as “keyword stuffing” (excessive use of multiple keywords in on-page content), adding unrelated keywords to page (which trick audiences into visiting sites they believed were relevant to their query), and buying links (paying other websites to include your link on their pages) to increase their page rankings. 

While these tactics worked for a while, search engines became wise to these tricks. That’s when they began to fine-tune their ranking algorithms to disregard pages that displayed these trick tactics and give more weight to pages that offered more relevant and higher quality content.     

Many agencies that promise guaranteed SEO results are still using these “black hat” tactics. And while they may work briefly, the search engines are wise to these tricks. Meaning, those minor victories will not last long.

Guaranteed SEO results can have negative effects

When agencies employ “black hat” tactics in pursuit of guaranteed SEO results, they’re often doing more harm than good for their clients. That’s because search engines like Google have a low tolerance for websites that attempt to fool their ranking algorithm. 

When search engines discover websites that are engaging in deceptive tactics, they’ll penalize these sites. A penalty can significantly reduce a site’s web ranking or result in the complete removal of the website from the search engine. Once a site receives a penalty, it is extremely difficult for them to ever recover.  

Choose an agency you can trust

As you can see, guaranteed SEO rankings seem wonderful on the surface. But if you scratch that surface you’ll discover that they’re more trouble than what they’re worth. If you really want to achieve favorable results in your SEO strategies, your best bet is to trust an experienced and reliable agency. 

Since 2014, Results Repeat has helped over 400 companies enjoy more business through our SEO tactics and strategies. Our team of SEO experts will listen to you and create a custom strategy to ensure that your website reaches the right audiences to increase your qualified traffic. We do this by adhering to industry standards, leveraging SEO best practices, and adjusting our methods to sync with search engine trends and updates. 

If you’re interested in discussing a customized organic or paid SEO strategy for your business, Results Repeat wants to hear from you. Contact our experts today to learn more about our trustworthy SEO services!

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