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Farryn Electric

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Up 286%

Results Repeat’s creation of “Call to Action” buttons on the Farryn Electric Website lead to a 286% increase in form submissions in a 16-month period.


Up 347.43%

Along with the addition of “Call to Action” buttons on the Farryn Electric Website, Results Repeat optimized Farryn Electric’s Google My Business profile to be more customer-focused and launched a Local Citation Building campaign that lead to a 347.43% increase in phone calls over the course of a 16-month period. 



Up 328%

Through the CTA additions, GMB optimization, Local Citation campaigns, and Result Repeat’s continuing SEO efforts, Farryn Electric enjoys a 328% increase in Qualified Leads.

Our Customer

Founded in 2011, Farryn Electric is a local residential electrician looking to build a customer base in a specific geographic area. Being a family-owned and operated business means that serving their community is important to them and they take pride in maintaining a reputation of high-quality work among their clients.


Farryn Electric’s leadership team was primarily concerned about the quality of leads their website was generating. Their second cause for concern was that they were not ranking for the keyphrase “electrician” less than a mile from their main location. While investigating their concerns, we discovered that their website did not rank in the top 5 and that their Google My Business profile was not ranking in the top 3. The bulk of their website traffic was stemming from outdated blog posts. Most of their user engagement was linked to conversions that related to electricity issues in Philadelphia – which is not the location of their target audience.

Our objective was to implement strategies that would increase Farryn Electric’s qualified leads, decrease their unqualified leads, and improve their local citation score/count.


To help Farryn Electric achieve their goals, our team took action by implementing the following solutions:  

Farryn’s website was lacking proper “Calls to Action”. This oversight was contributing to the site’s overall poor conversion rates. To remedy this issue, we created instantly identifiable “Call to Action” buttons and added them to strategic places on Farryn Electric’s website. These buttons convinced visitors to take action. This led to significant increases in “Contact Us” form submissions and phone calls. 

In the next phase of the solution, we addressed issues associated with Farryn Electric’s Google My Business profile. Their profile was not sufficiently optimized with a very brief business description that did not list their available services and products. In addition to these oversights,  special events and offers were not being promoted on the profile. To address these matters, we expanded their business description with information about their various services and products, while Farryn Electric promoted approximately two special offers per month.

The next part of the strategy involved improving Farryn Electric’s Name-Address-Phone Number (NAP) score. Previous to our efforts, their local citation count was extremely low with no directory listings or online N.A.P. profiles. To improve their count/score, we began a Local Citation Building campaign which increased the local signals for their GMB profile and built local authority for the Farryn Electric website.

In the 16 months since these solutions were implemented, Farryn Electric has enjoyed a significant increase in their goal completions (contact form submissions and phone calls) and qualified leads per month. In addition to these benefits, Farryn Electric also saw a decrease in the number of unqualified leads. This trend also contributed to their overall success. 

“We are always getting good news from you folks and have been so happy with your company!”

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