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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Gated Content

Increase in website goal conversions


In under six months with CRO strategy implementation and website redesign, the FFSolutions website experienced a 200% increase in Goal Conversions. Visitors are now staying on the site longer, visiting more pages, and taking action by completing lead forms.

Increase in contact forms and demo requests completions

Up 215%

By relocating contact and demo request forms to a more prominent location on their respective pages, they were seen by 70% more visitors which helped increase FFSolutions Goal Completion by 215% in less than six months.


Increase in new users

Up 31%

Since January 2021, FFSolutions has experienced a 31% increase in the number of new users on their site. This continual growth is due to Results Repeats CRO strategies that refined the site and enhanced the user experience.

Our Customer

FSSolutions are the leaders in innovative and compliant workforce and employment screening in the United States. FSSolutions provides the private and government sectors with bias-free third-party services including drug and alcohol testing, background checks, and social media background screenings. Their invaluable services help organizations reduce risk, save money, and protect its employees, clients, and reputation.


The FFSolutions website was failing to generate leads and conversions. This was due to a mixture of confusing navigation tools, cluttered landing pages, and unideal placement of lead-generating contact and demonstration request forms.


To increase conversions and generate more leads for FSSolutions, our team performed a complete CRO audit which analyzed the site’s traffic, evaluated the existing content and site design, and tested all existing forms. This was done to identify key areas on the website where CRO strategies could boost conversions and achieve business objectives.

Once we developed an understanding of the areas of opportunity, we began with redesigning the website to make for better navigation and user experience. Heat mapping revealed that the previously existing locations of the lead generation forms were only seeing 20% engagement. Moving the contact and demonstration request forms to a more prominent position on the pages increased engagement and lead generation. Images were also resized to improve site speed, make room for additional Call to Action buttons, and to incorporate more valuable content. The addition of gated content for white papers for white papers not only provided a new outlet for lead generation, it also supplied additional analytics for reporting.

Overall, adjusting the FSSolutions website using CRO techniques greatly benefitted the business within six months time.

Adjusting the FSSolutions website using CRO techniques and gated content increased conversions, generated more leads and lead to rise in new users within six months time.

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