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Tech Service

Lasso is a tech service that connects investors to financial advisors through their mobile app and web portal. With a truly unique concept that allows users to anonymously choose the most attractive investment plan without the need for sharing personal data, Lasso were aiming to improve download rates, increase user engagement, and raise awareness among their two target audiences.

The Challenge

The client wanted to focus on increasing its user base with a low cost-per-download goal.

Our Solutions

Apple Search Ads

  • Apple search ads has different strategies and tactics needed to best utilize this digital platform for clients. With our experience we were able to immediately improve results by auditing, restructuring ad structure to maximize performance, optimizing keywords, expanding the campaign’s scope by introducing new keywords, lowering Cost-Per-Taps, and lowering cost-per-download. 

Google App Campaigns


  • Collaborating with an agency partner to produce engaging, relevant video and display creative elements to drive additional downloads and drive down cost-per-download rates.
  • Providing recommendations for new creatives to keep the campaign fresh. 
  • Optimizing the campaign by market and geographic areas to improve cost-per-download.

Conversion Tracking

  • Working with the client to integrate the existing Firebase project with Google Analytics 4 to begin tracking app events alongside website traffic.
  • Utilizing Google Data Studio to combine reporting across all platforms for ease of analysis.
  • Onboarding a new 3rd party mobile measurement partner to provide better app analytics as app installs grew. 
  • Coordinating with the client to fire post-install events to track the user journey through app usage. With this new approach we are able to better measure cost-per-download and conversion rates of all the different channels.

The Results

Data-Driven Results: 


Increased Downloads Within First Three Months


Reduction In Overall Cost/Download Within First Three Months


 Increase In App User Engagement

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