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While some may say that videos, photos, and graphics are outpacing words as online marketing musts, don’t be so quick to minimize the value of written content. We believe that what drives people to hang around your websites, read (and share) your blog posts, eNewsletters, branded articles, and white papers, is the degree to which they are compelling, timely, useful, and well-written.

When your content achieves all of the above and is then thoughtfully optimized*, you can bet audiences will be engaged and eager to come back for more – which is exactly what you want. Our digital content marketing services focus on four types of content marketing, all of which have proven to be effective methods of online lead generation for our clients when executed in conjunction with a new website, SEO, or a paid advertising campaign.

*No doubt you’ll hear us slinging the word “optimized” around a lot on this site, but that does not mean that we tout sacrificing quality for the sake of search engine visibility.

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