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Digital Marketing Audits


Do you have a “problem” property or simply want to hit the ground running after a new acquisition? Our comprehensive surveys take a deep dive into your multifamily community’s online marketing and identify the mistakes that may be compromising your ability to maximize lead generation from your own web presence. By taking an in-depth look at your community or comparing it to three competitors, we provide valuable insights into your property’s digital marketing strengths and identify areas of opportunity.

Property Audit

We’ll do a deep dive and assess the overall web presence of an individual community. The analysis includes a complete report and review of a community’s:
• Website
• Craigslist Postings
• ILS Listings
• Online Reputation
• Social Media Presence
• Email Lead Response

Our digital marketing audits act as a great baseline report for any recently acquired property or they can shed light on issues that may be compromising a struggling community’s ability to generate traffic. The comprehensive report includes an action plan that can be implemented quickly and easily to improve the community’s digital presence.

Competitor Analysis

A deep dive into the online assets and web presence of an individual community. The analysis includes a complete report and review of a community’s:

  • Rents
  • Amenities
  • Website
  • Craigslist Postings
  • Search Engine Position – Paid and Organic
  • ILS Listings and Presence
  • Email Shop
  • Local Listings and Presence – Google, Yelp, and Apartment Ratings
  • Social Media Presence

This report provides a clear picture of where a community stands compared to its local competitors. The thorough comparison of key factors such as rents, amenities, and marketing assets, can give a property manager valuable insight to areas of improvement, as well as bringing to light the efforts that may be contributing to their community standing out. Having this clear snapshot can allow for better allocation of time and money to community and marketing assets that keep the property competitive.



Feel like you have no idea what you are getting in return with all of those costly ILS listings? Utilizing your property management software’s lead conversion reporting and the contracted costs of your ILS services, our team can generate a customized cost-per-lease report. From this report, you can determine if your marketing dollars are being well utilized, or if they need to be redirected elsewhere.

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