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Why Our Hosting is More Expensive, and Worth It.
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Results Repeat uses high quality, managed WordPress hosting through Flywheel – getflywheel.com.

Unlike cheaper hosting providers like GoDaddy or Host Gator, Flywheel limits the number of websites hosted on each server to 50. This means your site loads quickly, which benefits SEO and user experience. Flywheel also backs up sites daily, and sites can be restored with just one click. Advanced security means your site is more secure, and should your site be hacked or infected with malware, they fix it for free.

Unfortunately, these are real risks. When we inherit websites, we find that about 1 in 10 has been hacked and/or has malware installed and needs to be cleaned up.

If you do insist on having us host your site on a cheaper hosting provider and decline maintenance, even if we do our best to secure the site, it’s still a hacking risk because WordPress sites are targeted. If any other site on your server gets hit, it provides a gateway to damage other sites on the server, including yours. If you aren’t covered by our hosting and maintenance agreement, we will need to charge you for our time and malware service fees to get your site back live. In most cases, this will exceed the cost of our annual hosting and maintenance plan.

Our hosting fee also includes manual maintenance. Hosting companies typically update WordPress, but you still need to keep themes and plug-ins up to date, and be on top of WordPress updates to make sure they don’t break your site. We go into your site every two months and update everything. This requires us to back up the site, update everything and make sure nothing breaks. If you don’t use our hosting, you need to do these updates yourself or get someone else to do it to avoid hacking and performance risks. We have had our own sites hacked via a slider plug-in before we used Flywheel, so we know from experience this is a vulnerability.

In conclusion, we strongly urge you to pay a little more for our hosting and maintenance. While there are budget hosting solutions available for $100 per year, they offer inferior performance and don’t include maintenance, which is an absolute must for WordPress sites. If your site does get hacked or infected with malware, your decision to use a cheaper hosting solution will end up being an expensive one.

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