Google Display Advertising

Increase brand awareness and sales leads with creative, visual ads.

Drive Traffic Quickly

Google Display Ads reach your audience right away, with the potential to generate leads and sales quickly.

Gain New Customers

Display ads get your business in front of new clients who may not already know you’re out there.

Stay Top of Mind

Display ads keep your brand top of mind as users navigate online, visually reminding users to buy from you over your competitors.

What is
Google Display Advertising?

Google Display Advertising is a paid marketing strategy that involves the strategic placement of graphic ads on Google’s Display Network to reach a specific audience. Google’s Display Network is a group of more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear. We have the ability to control where your display ads show by targeting the demographics, traits, and online behaviors of users most likely to be interested in your business’s product or service. You also have the ability to designate specific websites, platforms, and content for your ads to show on. Some display ads target users making them aware of your brand, while other display ads are used to re-target users who have already been to your website.

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What do display ads look like?

Display ads are images or videos, layered with text. Size and formatting specifications vary depending on the network. Google’s advertising affiliate, Google Ads, eliminates the burden of manually formatting ads by offering responsive display ads. These ads are automatically combined and formatted in-real-time by Google using the images, videos, headlines, and descriptions you provide. Responsive ads have more opportunity to be shown to your audience because they are not restricted by the size limitations that many static ads are.

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Advertising on the Google Display Network.

The Google Display Network is the biggest publisher network for display ads to show. It is composed of more than 2 million websites, apps, web pages, and Google sites like YouTube and Gmail and reaches more than 90% of internet users worldwide. As a result, the Google Display Network offers businesses and Google Ad agencies the most opportunities to advertise to potential customers while they browse their favorite sites and apps.
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How Display Ads Work.

The Google Display Network determines ad placement based on your ad specs, target audience, and bid. When ad space becomes available, an ad auction takes place to decide which ad will perform best in that given placement. Display ads typically follow a pay-per-click model, too, so you are only charged when a user actually clicks your ad. As a result, display advertising is an affordable marketing option with effective Google Ads management.

Audience Targeting Options

Affinity Audiences

Affinity Audiences

Group users into interest categories based on their online behavior. For example, if you sell bicycles, you can target the affinity audience of “cycling enthusiasts.” You can also customize affinity audiences by including specific URLs, apps, and more in your targeting.
In Market Audiences

In-Market Audiences

Target customers who are actively researching a product or service with the intention of making a purchase. Reach users in-the-market for a home, car, sports equipment, and more. Similar to affinity audiences, in-market audiences can be customized.
Detailed Demographics

Detailed Demographics

Classify the shared traits of online users into broad categories for targeting purposes. Targeting options include education level, marital, parental, and homeownership statuses, and more.
Life Events

Life Events

Target users facing milestones like buying a home or retiring. This audience pool is smaller than others because of the infrequency of significant life events; however, major milestones are often associated with certain buying behaviors. As a result, this audience offers a unique advertising opportunity for businesses.


Audience list created by using tracking codes implemented on your business’s website to collect visitors’ information. This audience targeting strategy encourages users to re-engage with your business.
Similar Audiences

Similar Audiences

Automatically generated by Google to help you find new customers based on data from your remarketing list. Google compares the traits and buying behaviors of new users to your existing audience so you can more easily expand your ad reach to a similarly valuable audience.
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Benefits of Remarketing.

Google Display Remarketing offers businesses an additional opportunity to capture leads that would otherwise be lost after a user leaves your website. Retargeting a specific audience with unique, highly relevant ad messaging increases brand recall, reduces the loss of leads, and lowers ad click costs. And once a Remarketing audience is set up, the Google Ads management and costs of maintaining a Remarketing campaign is routine.
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Invest in a Google Ads agency.

Display advertising allows you to reach clusters of individuals whose digital footprints indicate they are a good customer match for your business. As increased competition on search engines continues to raise the average cost-per-click and standard quality of ads; display advertising presents a more affordable solution to showcase your business’s originality with targeted creative and copy to reel in consumers. Tactical Google Ads management is essential to setting up and monitoring an effective, lead-generating display campaign, so the real investment is often in an experienced Google Ads agency.

Google Ads Management and Ad Click Costs.

Display campaigns have a one-time set-up fee and then an ongoing monthly management fee, which includes all ad creation strategy, oversight, and monthly reporting to you. In addition to the monthly management fee, you will need an allocated budget for costs accumulated from clicks on your ads. With proper Google Ads management, display campaigns can run on smaller ad budgets, but cost-per-click still varies based on the industry and needs of your business. For specific pricing, contact us for a quote!

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