Why Using a Google AdWords Partner to Manage Your PPC Account is Money Well Spent

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You’ve set up your Google AdWords account and taken it live. Now, the company that set it up for you wants 10-15% of your monthly AdWords budget to manage it. That sounds like a lot of money, and it doesn’t seem that hard to use the AdWords interface, so you’re tempted to economize by having someone in-house manage your AdWords account. We understand the temptation, but in most cases, your return on investment will be better if you have a qualified professional manage your account for you.

Why Using a Google AdWords Partner toHere are the two most common problems we see when we inherit established AdWords accounts.

Lack of maintenance can lead to increased cost per click

PPC campaigns require ongoing attention – weekly or more frequent attention if you have a high budget or a new campaign. If you simply set- it-and-forget-it, you will surely blow through your budget and not get a good return on your investment. Google’s change log feature allows you to see all changes that were made to your campaign, and we sometimes see that campaigns haven’t been touched for months. Your account needs to be regularly monitored so that your keywords, negative keywords ads and settings can be optimized for the best performance. In fact, you’ll be able to pay less per click than competitors with the same bid if you having more compelling ads and better performing keywords.

Don’t blindly follow Google’s automated suggestions

Once you set up an account, you will begin to see suggestions from Google on how to increase your campaign performance. Your instinct may be to immediately implement these suggestions, but many of these automated recommendations and even recommendations provided to you by someone form Google who calls to help you can actually hurt the performance of your campaign. Someone who specializes in PPC advertising has worked with enough businesses to know when, and when not, to implement Google’s suggestions and will understand your business well enough to explain to the Google rep why all of her recommendations may not fit your business.

Do you have a Google Adwords account that you think might be underperforming? Let us do a free audit of your paid advertising campaigns. We’ll give you a list of suggestions guaranteed to improve its performance. Contact us to learn more.

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