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December 3, 2020
Questions about Multifamily SEO and Web Design

Do your website and digital marketing campaigns answer your users’ most frequently asked questions?

Whether you are working to increase apartment lease-ups through your web marketing, or improve your eCommerce sales, your online content must meet the needs of your target audience. They all have questions, they all need answers, let’s make those answers easier to find!

Using multifamily digital marketing for apartment communities as our reference, let’s look at how we can best identify and address your audiences’ questions online. The Results Repeat SEO Team uses several tools to learn the latest search queries related to local apartment inquiries online. While “apartments for rent near me” is a common search phrase, we are now seeing an increase in user trends using actual questions as search queries.

For example: A user may input, “What apartments are pet-friendly in Philadelphia?” or “What is an average security deposit for apartments in Center City?” If your website answers questions your audience is searching for online with accurate, relevant, and timely answers, then you have the opportunity to rank well and gain visibility. You may even score the coveted SERP snippet! More on that later…

How do you make sure your website is answering the questions your customers are asking?

As you may already know, SEO experts and website developers use a wide variety of strategies and techniques to meet the needs of your customers. What you may not already know is that many of these can be accomplished by you, the property manager or business owner who is looking to improve your traffic online.

Add an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to your website

This is a simple solution that will display your company’s expertise while addressing your audiences’ questions. Referring back to the example of apartment communities using their websites to increase leasing queries: There are some standard questions your potential renters will always ask.

  • What is your average monthly rent?
  • What is included in your monthly rental?
  • Are your apartments pet-friendly?

Sure your main web pages, like your amenities page or your floor plans page, will most likely answer these questions already. But, by adding a web page that thoughtfully answers these questions in detail, you are doing two things effectively: You are conveniently answering all of your customers’ questions in one central location, making for great user experience. In addition, if you include targeted keywords in your answer, you are also providing a concise answer for Google which will contribute to your ranking ability!

What are some samples of good and not-so-good FAQs?

To start, you never want to include too short of answers on your FAQ page. Here is a sample of what NOT to do:

Q: Do you create websites for apartment communities?

A: Yes.

With short answers, you miss an opportunity to elaborate on your answer to fully inform your website visitor. Plus, when you don’t elaborate using targeted keywords, you also miss an opportunity to rank on Google for the search queries your audience is looking for.

What can you do to improve your FAQ?

By adding further content and more descriptive language in both your question and answers, you can create a FAQ page that benefits both your customer base and your business. Here are a couple examples of how you can elaborate and expand FAQ questions and answers.

Q: Do you design websites for multifamily apartment communities looking to increase their leases online? 

A: Yes! Results Repeat offers website design, SEO, PPC, and digital marketing consultation. We have helped thousands of apartment communities improve their online applications through our proven strategies. We are happy to learn more about your leasing goals, give us a call today!

Q: What does your multifamily SEO service include?

A: Our proven SEO strategies include monthly updates to your website as well as several off-site listings. The techniques are based on extensive and frequent keyword research which we apply to each update to bring your site more traffic. You will receive a monthly organic traffic report that will show you the increases in site users, conversions, and other metrics to show how our services are helping your business.

Keep in mind, a FAQ web page created on your company’s website allows you to set the tone of both the question and the answers. You can use the opportunity of a FAQ page on your website to promote your business, gain visibility on Google, and all while answering the questions of your target audience!

Where should you link your FAQ page on your website?

FAQs are valuable pages, full of important details that are designed to help your website visitors. This will only benefit them if they can find the information, though. The best way to ensure your audience can find the FAQ page is putting it in an accessible area, such as the main navigation or in the header of the home page. Adding a link to the FAQ page in your header along with a clickable phone number and email address is a perfect place to include this page.

Website Header Design with FAQ

Additional areas that users will expect to find a link to this type of content would be in the footer link section or included in the “About Us” section of your sitewhether it’s in a dropdown menu or within the “About Us” page content itself.

Beyond an actual FAQ page on your website, what other Q&A opportunities do you have in your digital marketing campaign?

It’s your website, you have the autonomy to provide the questions and answers you want on your website and provide some control of your on-site narrative. You can also submit and provide your own insightful questions with answers on your Google My Business (GMB) listing.

GMB listings include multiple opportunities to optimize your business online. The Q&A section* is an important factor here. Just as anyone can ask a question on your Google My Business listings, so too can anyone answer! Google allows you to set up notifications that will alert you any time a new question or answer is submitted. It is important to monitor these often for accuracy.

*An important note: Google has been very busy addressing the COVID-19 issues and some business listings may not currently show the Q&A section. This will soon be reactivated so you have some time to collect those important questions you wish to address.

How do I identify the questions people are asking online?

Multifamily SEO management for apartment community questions

There are a couple of  tools you can use to learn about the questions your audience is querying. Below, you can find a sample report from UseTopic.com. We searched “apartments in Philadelphia” to identify the best questions people are currently asking. We also like the website AnswerThePublic.com, which provides further prompts for you to hone into the most relevant questions for your specific audience and marketing goals.

The Results Repeat’s marketing and SEO teams are well-versed in the best strategies to address your questions about digital advertising and have the answers you are looking for! See… we just had our own little Q&A moment right there! We would love to provide an evaluation of your current online marketing strategies and discuss how we can bring you more users asking more questions so you can provide more answers to bring you more business!

Define FAQ for websites and SEO

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