Blogging Not Generating Results? You Forgot to Hire a Blog SEO Service

December 16, 2016
blog SEO service

People come to us all the time and tell us they are spending a lot of money on blogging and they can’t see that it’s “working” or generating an ROI. We look at Google Analytics and confirm that, in fact, they are getting no inbound traffic to these blogs and sometimes limited page views.

Why is this happening? Clients are writing about anything they feel like without focusing on optimizing their blogs for any particular keywords, or in the case of location-based businesses, they are forgetting to localize the content.

When you hire a blog SEO service to either develop or optimize this content, they can help you focus on thinking about keywords that people are actually typing in. They also help you curate content that provides a venue for you to share your expertise, but additionally help you pepper the pieces with the target keyword phrase.

A blog SEO service can help you optimize your blog pieces so that your firm shows up when people are searching for businesses in your local area. For example, we sell SEO services, and so do thousands of companies in the United States. By adding geographic modifiers to the titles of our blog posts and the articles themselves, such as “Main Line Philadelphia blog SEO service,” we not only signal to Google and other search engines that we are in the blog SEO business, but tell them where we do business. This improves our ability of showing up in search if anyone types in this location in their search text. However, it also helps us appear in search results even if people don’t add a location, because search engines now personalize search results and this includes showing search results of nearby businesses.

Sometimes it’s appropriate to blog about topics that don’t lend themselves to SEO, for example if your company wins an award. This is great news to get out there and something anyone coming to your website might want to see. But if you are looking to your content development efforts to generate leads for you, then you need to curate your content with keywords in mind. If you need help, consider hiring a blog SEO service like Results Repeat to help you set and stick to a keyword-first strategy.

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