How to Use Glassdoor to Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation


We are a company that works hard to be a great place to work. We’ve even been recognized as such by being awarded the designation of one of the Best Places to Work by The Philadelphia Business Journal for three consecutive years. But the reality of business is that not every employee works out and it only takes one sour grape to take your overall reputation down. Managing your online employer reputation can ensure that you’re still attracting the best employees for your company, even if you’ve made a few hiring missteps in the past.

Recently, we decided to get proactive and asked employees to submit reviews for our Glassdoor profile. This let us get our voice out there in advance of anyone else’s. Customers and prospective employees can easily find your Glassdoor page when searching for your business online. Even if you are a great place to work, people who love working for you are less likely to take the time to write a review than someone who didn’t work out. So, be proactive, and improve your online reputation by asking your current employees take the time to provide reviews and ratings, including those on Glassdoor.

This doesn’t mean asking employees to review you only positively. Encourage them to be honest and open in their reviews and ratings. It’s likely that current employees will offer positive reactions. Even if you get a few less-than-perfect marks, this provides a great opportunity for you to evaluate where you can improve as employer. Great places to work attract top talent, so improving your employees’ experience is beneficial to you as well.

Managing your online reputation on sites like Glassdoor also puts you in a better position with customers. Just as potential employees are evaluating your corporate culture before applying to an open position or accepting an offer, potential customers are doing research on your company to decide if they’d like to work with you. If they feel that overall your employees aren’t happy and they’re less likely to see a high level of service as a result, they may move on to a competitor.

In order to better manage your online reputation with Glassdoor, take the following steps:

  • Claim and optimize your profile.
  • Solicit reviews from current employees.
  • Respond to negative reviews in thoughtful ways.
  • Use to feedback you receive to improve.

While you don’t have the power to remove or fight negative reviews, you do have the ability to proactively manage your online reputation. Dedicating a little bit of time to reputation management can pay off down the line when it comes time to hire again or even right now if a potential customer finds your listing.

If you have questions about reputation management, or anything else related to digital marketing, we’re always here!

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