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January 18, 2019
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The new year is bringing new opportunities for paid advertisers to effectively manage a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. New audience tracking tools, paid platform features, and online user trends will shape the best PPC practices of 2019. If maintaining a healthy PPC campaign is one of your New Year’s resolutions, try implementing new ideas into your marketing strategy to accommodate consumer search preferences and your business’s needs.


Customize Your Campaign to Consumer Preferences

The popularity of mobile and voice-command devices is changing the way people search for and purchase products and services. Mobile devices offer businesses the opportunity to reach a specific audience looking for immediate information. As a result, you should customize certain elements of your PPC campaign to encourage a positive user experience for your mobile audience. Start by assessing the amount of traffic you receive from mobile devices, then create advertisements and landing pages that are mobile-friendly.

Voice-command devices have also become a convenient search tool for people. You can advance your campaigns using this growing trend by closely monitoring the search activity of your account. Add search terms that reflect voice-searches as keywords to give your advertisements a better chance of showing. Advertisements that offer easy access to information will also help your PPC efforts.

A PPC campaign customized to accommodate the preferences of your target audience benefits both consumers and businesses and will ultimately make your campaign easier to manage.


Define Your Audience

Resources that more accurately capture and utilize the behavior, demographics, and interests of online users have become available on both Bing and Google to serve your advertising needs. Bing has been extending its Microsoft Audience Network over the past year to include Audience Ads. The Audience Network offers advanced audience targeting using data collected from a user’s web activity and information on Microsoft platforms. This feature enables you to add in-market audiences to your search campaign so you can reach as many potential consumers as possible. Audience Ads optimize your audience targeting by allowing your advertisements to show without a prompt from a search query. This tool places your advertisements in front of your target audience while they are browsing sites.

Google has audience features that allow you to group consumers by their similarities so you can define your target market within a search campaign. You can create an audience based on detailed demographics to focus on specific types of people or on in-market intent to target a particular type of online behavior that signals a person’s intent to buy something. Additionally, you can use a remarketing audience to advertise to people who have already visited your site.

Audience features encourage a healthy PPC campaign by focusing your budget on the consumers that matter the most to you. This sort of targeting will also limit the number of unwanted clicks on your advertisements.


Take Advantage of Google Ads’ Features

Google introduced a number of features over the past year that will help your advertisements be seen at the right time by the right consumers. The promotion extension will allow you to advertise any deals your business may be offering by promoting products or services that have a dollar or percent discount. Like existing extension options, the promotion feature gives potential buyers more reasons to choose your business. An additional extension upgrade will further boost your advertisement’s chances of being clicked. Call bid adjustments enable advertisers to modify bids so that their call extensions show more frequently.

Finally, Google recognized the growing prominence of mobile devices as part of the online shopping experience and added a feature to help advertisers reach these mobile shoppers. Outstream video campaigns display video advertisements strictly on mobile devices, but on platforms other than Google and YouTube. This campaign will allow you to extend your PPC reach throughout Google partner sites to relevant consumers. All of these features give you more control in the placement and format of your advertisements so you can more effectively manage your PPC campaign.


Try New Paid Platforms

While Google and Bing provide ample opportunities for your PPC campaign, other platforms have available advertising space that you could be taking advantage of. LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest are popular sites that you should consider exploring this year. Evaluate your target audience to decide if one of these paid platforms can optimize your PPC goals.

There are ample features and opportunities available to effectively manage your PPC campaign in 2019. The important thing, though, is to determine which Pay Per Click Advertising practices and strategies will work best for your business’s needs. Before implementing any new changes, reevaluate your 2018 campaigns to see which practices benefited you and which did not. Then, decide what your goals are for the upcoming year. A healthy PPC campaign takes a lot of work, and we understand it is not always clear what platforms, features, and practices are best for you and your business. If you have any questions about how to effectively manage your PPC campaigns, our PPC marketing agency is here to help!

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