Should You Be Using Facebook Ads?

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads 

Facebook advertising offers a host of benefits for your business. If you’ve been working with a PPC management agency, but haven’t been convinced on whether you should invest in Facebook advertising, here are some solid reasons to dive in.

  • Easy targeting. Facebook advertising makes it easier to target very specific audiences. Facebook ads are an easy way to reach people who are in-market for specific products, interested in certain topics (companies, people, politics, activities, etc.), or who have reached different life events (engaged, have kids in certain age ranges, looking to buy a home, etc.). You can also geo-target these users to reach audiences in specific locations.
  • More choice. Facebook has different campaign objectives. You can choose to send users to your site, engage with your page, sign up for an event, submit their email, and more. It gives you flexibility in how users interact with your brand.
  • Brand awareness. Facebook ads can increase brand awareness. Even if a user doesn’t click an ad, after seeing it, they may spend time reading your ad and learning what you have to offer. Facebook ads offer unique visibility by meeting consumers where they spend time.
  • Measurable success. Facebook advertising is measurable. Facebook allows you to add tracking codes to your site, so you can see if a user filled out a form, purchased an item, signed up for a newsletter, etc.
  • Connections. Facebook is social… obviously! Users are able to share your ads with their friends, comment and interact with your company, or like your page. If a consumer sees an ad that interests them, they’re more likely to find out more, send it to someone they know, or like your page so they can keep up with your offerings.
  • Multi-channel. Facebook advertising isn’t only Facebook anymore. Facebook paid $1 billion dollars to acquire Instagram in 2012 and slowly rolled out the ability for small businesses to advertise on this platform. Instagram ads provide incredible visibility and reach to your selected target audience. Through this platform, you can typically reach a younger audience.
  • Affordable. One of the greatest benefits to Facebook advertising is that you don’t need a large budget to run on Facebook ads. Their minimum is $5/day and can be turned off at any time. In comparison to the cost of other paid advertising options, this can be a cheaper medium to get your brand out there.

If you’re interested in starting Facebook ads and you need to consult a PPC management agency, contact us today!

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