Summer 2018 Internet Security Changes Part III: Facebook Ads Targeting

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Internet Security Updates Part III: Changes in Facebook’s Ad Targeting

In our three-part series about upcoming security changes, we’ve covered two important upcoming changes: SSL and GDPR Compliance. In our final post in our three-part series, we’re looking at something that may affect fewer businesses, but is just as important: Facebook Ads.

Facebook announced in March that it would begin removing Partner Categories over the next six months in an effort to “improve people’s privacy on Facebook.”  Partner Categories have been a way for advertisers to target users based on information provided by third parties. By using Partner Categories, businesses could target people based on offline behaviors like owning a home or being brand loyal.

Results Repeat clients consider how Facebook ad targeting changes will impact their campaigns

How does Facebook’s ad targeting affect businesses?

If your business relies on Facebooks’s ad targeting attributes such as home ownership, investments, credit card spending, and other information only third parties would have, then you have six months to reconsider your strategy and retarget.

While this does impact certain aspects of Facebook advertising, the social media giant has so much data on users that you’ll still be able to target as you want but maybe just in a different way. Getting more creative could even work out better for your strategy.

The good news is that this is a great opportunity to try new things and experiment. If you’re wondering how these changes impact your business directly, and how you can get creative as Partner Categories phase out, contact us.

Not using Facebook ads but wondering if you should be? Whether you’re a long-time client, or just getting started, we can audit your current marketing to ensure you’ve got the bases covered and help you implement any needed changes. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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