How To Get Data from Multiple Properties into One Google Search Console Report

May 22, 2019
Data report

Google Search Console has made yet another update to its user interface. The newest change is designed to put more information in one place, giving you more insight into how each of your site properties are generating engagement. With this, data from multiple elements, or “properties” now exist in a single report under a single URL. One report from multiple properties means that Search Console users can now see all of their data from their properties such as mobile and desktop versions under a single umbrella. Previously, users would have to view data from each property in separate performance reports. The change makes it easier for Search Console users to see all the data on a single piece of content, for example, to see how viewers interact with it on different platforms.

The unification of this information is great for webmasters trying to get more insight into why and how their audience interacts with their site on separate platforms. This includes sites with separate mobile and AMP pages, as data from both reports will be shown in the same property. The side-by-side comparison of numbers may provide you with information such as whether or not your mobile site is performing as well as your desktop site.

These changes are still finalizing in the Search Console, as the transition began at the end of March. Users can see their data in the new format dating all the way back to January 2018. Because one report for multiple properties now exists under a single URL, users will see traffic shift from any duplicate URLs to the canonical URL. You’ll still be able to filter data by device, search appearance, country, and other dimensions without losing information; you’ll just be able to see more information at once.

Google Search Console is one of the many Google features that has been experiencing quite a lot of change in the past few months and will be seeing more in the months ahead. As a company that is constantly working to improve the experience for its users, Google has tough decisions on what to add and take away from their Search Console platform.

Tracking and staying on top of all the changes can be a struggle for many advertisers, which is why we’re here to help. Our specialized team of professionals stays on top of all the changes that Google’s products go through so that we can most accurately navigate the world of digital marketing. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about your search marketing campaign, and if you’re looking to outsource your marketing efforts, we can help with that too!

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