Digital Advertising for Summer Starts Now: Here’s Why

Are you thinking about summer promotions for vacation properties, summer camps, or e-commerce product deals? It’s never too early to get started. Summer will be here before you know it. Now is the time to get ahead of the competition! Keep up to date with upcoming digital advertising trends to get the most return on investment (ROI) from your summer deals.

Personalized Ad Campaigns 

Personalized advertising is customer-centric, providing an outlet to connect with your audience through interests and behaviors. It is also known as interest-based advertising. When it comes to advertising to your consumers for this summer, analyze last year’s summer behavior shopping trends and trend projections for the upcoming season to create personalized ad campaigns. Starting your trend research now gives you and your team time to produce the strategy you need for this summer season. Personalized advertising is necessary for your business discovery because it helps you build your customer base and remarket to your best customers to get their summer started. Working with your digital marketing agency to find the best approach is essential to having a successful personalized ad campaign to create value for your consumers this upcoming summer season.

Social Commerce 

Social commerce is the ability to make a product purchase from a third-party company within the native social media experience. Integrating your business through social commerce impacts sales across your customer journey to reach them anytime and anywhere, even on vacation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic spread, many companies have emerged through online social retail. When you enable your customers to search for your products via social media shopping features, you will create campaigns that can help with new product launches or product promotions for this year’s summer holidays. A best practice is to plan a month before a summer holiday launch. With social commerce, you’re offering checkout directly from the social media platform instead of redirecting your customers to your website to purchase. Social commerce also provides an effective customer service channel to solve your product or service questions, problems or engage with your customers. Allowing your consumers to connect through social commerce has benefits for engagement and reach without leaving the platform itself.

Social media marketing during the summer. Image of Instagram on a phone.


Video Marketing 

Video marketing is the future for any business that wants to make a statement this summer. Haven’t started on video marketing? Video marketing isn’t going anywhere, so it’s best to start now. Plan your approach on which summer product or service you would like to promote and get started on creating compelling video content you would like to share. There are many types of video marketing, such as promotions, sales, discounts, and more brand reach. Video marketing is a helpful tool for providing potential buyers to learn about your product or service, catching a consumer’s attention with visuals and sound to reach a point of sales and conversion for any summer sale, promotions, or events you may have. Video marketing is becoming more and more widespread, giving you the challenge to test your creativity and understanding of your target audience through visual presentation. Take advantage of this spring season to start your video marketing strategy ready for summer.

Summer is a couple of months away. Don’t wait to get started on your digital advertising strategy. Contact us to stay ahead of the competition and plan out your summer digital advertising strategy with our talented digital marketers!

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