Learn how to Improve your Google Ads Optimization Scores

May 15, 2019

Google has released an official set of best practices for Google Ads users to improve optimization scores. Optimization scores provide insight into how well an Ads campaign is optimized. It was released in August 2019, and now users are looking for ways to their numbers. The score is calculated in percentage, ranging from 0 – 100. A 100% optimization score means that your account is set up to perform at its full potential. Your optimization score can be located in the “Recommendations” tab in Google Ads. The professionals at Google offer these best practices for improving Google Ads optimization score:


Account Management

Managing your account efficiently is a must for improving Google Ads optimization score. You can do this by prioritizing which actions you can take that have the highest potential to improve your score. Google Ads recommends the most impactful options for an account and taking this step easy. Optimization score assesses historical performance, auction simulations, and machine learning to compile the best recommendations for your account.


Apply Recommendations That Support Goals

Checking your recommendations from Google Ads regularly will help you get an up-to-date handle on the best fixes for your optimization score. Google Ads will frequently provide new recommendations based on the data it pulls every second. Things won’t necessarily change this quickly, but Google advises that users check their recommendations at least once a week. Make sure you’re basing your changes on recommendations that align with your sales and business goals.


Analyze Recommendations

It’s important to think about the information you’re given, instead of taking it at face value. While Google Ads has a lot of great information to share with its users, they may not understand what goals and ideas you have for your online marketing efforts. You can filter recommendations by four sections: ads & extensions, bids & budgets, keywords & targeting, and repairs. Data can also be downloaded to view offline, so you can make more informed decisions about your marketing strategies from anywhere.

Optimization score is still relatively new, and it currently evaluates how well a search campaign is set up. In the future, it will include display, video, shopping, and even app campaigns. Google is constantly working on rolling out new features and updates for their various marketing aides. This can be a huge help to advertisers, but it can also be confusing to keep up with if you don’t stay on top of updates and advice from Google. We take pride in our ability to stay on top of the latest trends in digital advertising, and we do a lot to educate ourselves when Google throws something new into the ring. If you have any questions about your digital marketing efforts, our team is here to help! We can help you to better understand the advertising platforms that most advertisers are familiar with, and we can even help take over your digital marketing efforts so you can get back to running your business.

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