4 Killer Marketing Tips for Commercial Real Estate

Any successful commercial real estate broker knows how important it is to build a strong network of clients and prospects. But, did you know that an online marketing campaign can be the life-line of your business? Here are five marketing tips for commercial real estate firms that are guaranteed to get you noticed.

marketing tips commercial real estate1. Take advantage of slow times of the year to build your marketing base

You may experience either feast or famine during certain times of the year. Deal flow is affected by seasonality and economic climate variations. Be sure to optimize your marketing efforts during the slow season to push your brand and develop new contacts and potential customers.

 2. Create a great website

One of the easiest ways to develop a strong brand for your company is to create a website. Make it easy to navigate, and be sure to continue to develop content, for example via bi-weekly blog posts, to help drive traffic to your website. A website is a simple yet effective way to sell yourself, and attract new prospects.

3. Be vigilant about responding to leads

Business people looking for for real estate space don’t want to wait around for a reply. Always reply to your prospects promptly, ideally the same day.

4. Learn what works, and stick with it

If you’re spending money on marketing, it’s good to know your efforts are paying off. Keeping track of the source of each lead, whether from a paid ads, social media, organic web searches or a networking efforts, will help you know where you focus your marketing budget in the future.

Follow these four marketing tips for commercial real estate and you’ll be headed in the right direction to build your brand and digital reach. Need help getting started? Every day, we help businesses, just like yours, execute digital marketing plans and build their online presence. Contact us for a free marketing evaluation to learn more.

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